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Penelope Conte

you guys are the absolute best! i love your videos :)

Ern'ary Kpana

I’m confused

They also dont know that im anorexic

Eevee Evergarden

"She was in her late teens" has wrinkles

hands down one of the best quality creators on YouTube

Bobby Caffrey

sirkiewies go to the link hgZLjbHTit0 and go to end of the vid. the car damage is so realistic. the stuff on instagram is BS.

jasumati soni

There is no sound in the space, because there is vacume

Tyler Roe

Go odel


mr beast should take his lego car and attempt to drive cross country

Dr. Sickpack

Like always, good video! When's the next one coming out?

Ismael Diva

Fortnite Characters vs. PUBG Characters!!!

Alex Denver

Wait Jaiden, your vegan?????


wow just wow

Moritz Pollich

Is outbreak coming back?

Khloe’s World

Anyone notice that there in the new office

Edward Chao

Why is that one woman trynna hit the ball away from him lol

Tactical Turtle

Can you fist me?

Mahmoud Shatnawi

and start a new chapter in my life... that I'll forget later

its_ya_boi_russellninja 7

57:24 i can just imagine Ethan trying to breast feed the baby.😂

Aly G

This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen what kind of girl doesn't want to sleep with her boyfriend I mean you're old enough to know in high school what being a boyfriend and girlfriend is and you're old enough and smart enough to establish boundaries with someone like saying I'm not comfortable with having sex with you so good night I mean that's what I would have done plain and simple keep saying please I'll say you know what you don't make me feel comfortable and I don't want to be with you anymore so I'm breaking up with you not sending pictures and then break up with him how stupid and you know what the voice of this character is even more stupid


Its just kinda scary how you can find a lot off those what if there like ro bots from the future?😱😱

Omg I am so rich!

Edmar Manuel

When I was a child I'm very attractive to men and I like girls dress and my favorite color is pink me too I'm feeling I'm not man I'm a women in our hearts and soul I'm trapped in man's body ☹️👩💃

Ashu guru

Superb ✌️💪 I like it 😎✌️

Mackz World

Girl power


@joe9013 You can't be serious.YouTube has been losing money for years now, and they're just trying to stay afloat.They need to put ads on the videos so they can afford to give you everything for free.Are you really so impatient that you can't wait 15 seconds?YouTube is still 100% free.Do everybody a favor and shut up.

Duong Rithy

Goodi wantplay with you

red saintgaming

I miss the old office

3.i was popular


I swore never to open the app again...

Goatie The demon

Lesbian elsaLesbian elsaLesbian elsaN o w

[BRK] Zayxkz

i was here at 500 views and i didn't comment:(

-periods Me when i step on a lego😢💀

Brenden Rice

I have an rc car like if you have one too

Lizzy Hobson

Ty is cute

shivansh deshmukh

I have 3 disorder - Anxiety, panic attacks, depression.


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