#10 Tutorial: Make the Arduino Analog Readings more precise

Here I show a trick to increase the precision of the arduino analog readings just with software. No additional hardware needed.Source of the trick: coding used by me is on Github:

The Kids

Do more blooper videos they're hilarious

Only true fans know


BK won....until Wendys stepped in


It's amazing how far they have come

GB Disputes

PANDA WINS ALLthumbs up if you agree

Abbott Answering

ty's armpit hair am i right


Amazing As Always


Greetings from Poland. and thank you ^^

Laurenz Moreno

0:45 Steven Universe 😐

No one Still no one

Brady or Edelman



Miqueas Calderon

Seattle seahawks

humour world

World record is my favorite

Armaan Gandhi


Trevy Trev

Good video, like always


:48 i betcha tony romo can't do that to a real reciever...

Quack Smack

god these little millennials are fucking annoying.  Making a joke out of the game.  Spend a ton of someone else's money , spend a full day taking shots, save one that works out  for the video.  Can't believe Jamie volunteered to hop around with them like they all just won the Masters or something.  Sometimes I really hate the internet :P


jeremie Bosse

Healthiest guy

Kendra Zamora

I'm so glad you guys are back


I just, hate her.


Somebody that needs to look at herself that much has got a real problem. Ain't all that if you ask me .

Mr. Panda s5 escape

Hi man


I swear ty does more than half of the trickshots in every vid


narcissistic vegans, where are u at?

Rudy MacDonald

2019 anyone

Ciblet YT

i don't get the Justice League one..

J Bishop

Corey’s thing was just sugar packets

Jim McIntosh

Skip is an idiot.

Kim Stewart




DatJuicysquid2.0 0

It’s okay! We all lose things!

I-Love-Hip- Hop420

Shopping Stereotypes

XtremeMC 33

Its funny because during the pencil trickshots you can see a pencil in the hoop😂

Queef Sniffer Maximum Overdrive

Hayao Miyazaki did a great job on Attack on Cory Yagami's house

Morgys top

Manchester United the best

Jacob Wouter de Vries

Where did the hamer go

Wyatt Bohlmann

go coby!

Lol its gunna be okay Ty

Ducky Duck

April fools

Sovereign Citizen

I don't get it

Little Miss Amolika


Jake Diaz

Dude you need to meet bracken he’s better than you no joke


Nested Menu