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Molly Hadley

Looks visually stunning 😍

Me too, girl, me too

sol l u n a

im going to bed and im listening to this ♡

Max Bucci

Football stereotypes


It's soon related!!!!

Dank -O

Bruh Luke looks like Mark Zuckerberg


You should do a video about pcos (poly cystic ovary syndrome) since there isn't much said about it and it could help women/girls who suffer from it.


Man, that was kind of weak. Activision and EA always spend most of their time making references to themselves instead of cool stuff. It's like they lick their own penises for fun or something.

Luis Patzan

I love your welding masks 12:01

Avengers end game

Lakh lego


Good F2P game.

Tristan Antono

I actually think it's because they brought it to their studio. I think they should actually go to the restaurant


Allen I would like to see you make a giant bowl of spaghetti


guys you might not be able to quit school and travel the world BUT YOU MUST STILL ENJOY THAT TIME YOU SPEND AT SCHOOL OR WORK OR WHATEVER. its about balancing happiness in life. schools stressful? try to find happiness in the good not the bad. work is tough? try to find a way to make it easier. life is crap. but its your choice to find happiness in the storm. x you can do this


I want more

Liliana Rosales

My favorite is Edward scissor hands because her voice sounded soothing to me

Drexler Zamora

i have the movie A-X-L its kinda cool

Priscilla Spurling

I play paintball and it's dumb to put your gun in water

Nitika Sethi

i am happy coby you won a battle and you should battle next kill the boys


I'm so glad it's spoiler free

Troop Terror

who watchin in 1993

Cam Sharpe

He looks so old

Flenn Dz

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Horsham Playz

999k veiws I'm lucky

Bryan Gant

You should do wife’s vs chad camera stuff

ع توب

I want to know why pregnancy is bad for you ?? 😕 Honestly, what we know about you that intercourse is not prohibited or forbidden or violates the honor, and that there is no difference that you did this before or after marriage. Why should you be sad if you are pregnant?


She made the story Harry Potter??!!!!!!!

Cory Esker

Are the snakes have venom in them?????😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


I love team edge but I have noticed that the quality of there videos are not as good as before. Used to be solid content but now it's just a bunch of sound effects and jokes that are not funny. Like I love it when they make bad jokes but they been doing it so much that it kind of lost it effect. This is just my opinion I hope they improve there videos like they been trying to do, because i really do enjoy there channels.

Anwar Hossain

Hey Tyler I like you

Alex Johnson

Because you didn't see the 50 or so takes it took to film a successful shot.

Jessica Santos

Wow I live like this everyday. 😞 never realized it was anxiety.

dumbass mcwanker

Actually first!

Shiloh Bermejo

can you do thankgiving sterotype

Silden Mads3367

How could a France person be so good to English hmm?. She is actually sound like a American


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