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20 Ways to Troll a Pro in Minecraft►Subscribe Here: a LIKE if you Enjoyed!►Follow me on Twitter: a Pro in Minecraft is meant to be easy, but it gets harder when a pro is being trolled! In this video a Minecraft Pro gets trolled 20 different ways in Minecraft.►Become a Channel Member - and EU Store - Store - MUSIC ----------Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Sintiye Bedane

Um...the story ended very sadly

Little Stevey Talkz


Julie Wille

Can u do a no sports battle

3: like pole dance but when gary is with him he changes to sports

Angel Aguirre

I’m happy for you and I’m happy your child is healthy but hospital food is bomb mabey cuz I was in the children’s hospital but the burgers and fries and chicken tenders are delicious happy for your new addition to your family ❤️

Samir Patel

0:57 look at drews hand

L-A 09

Team Cody


Can you plz do more stereotypes and do a gaming one I’m begging

_Gacha_ Potato_

My mom yells at me and has sudden outbursts of bad emotions when I ask for help...

Airreona TheeElevatedSongstress

Her friend need to be quiet!!! I think she's trying to sabatodge her. Ann or whatever her name is told her to just go so she wouldn't be late, and so that he wouldn't think she's shallow!!!! She needs to change friends. AWWWW THE GUY IS SO SWEEEEEEET😄😄😄😄😄😄😊 hopefully he ain't playing games with her!!!


Hi, Have a good year

Ella Goddard

Hang on in another vid called I survived a plane crash it said her mom died

Aaron Elizondo

Is it just me or do they look like the Avengers endgame trailer at 2:00

Fani Triantafyllou

GOD your tips are incredible💪🏼🤩🇬🇷❤


60% of the comments: "Holdup this private jet is in my way MOOOOVEE"


This was awesome -in bed.

Avery Chambers

And this is why I got grounded from my phone for two weeks. I talked to those perverted Strangers on the internet...

Lewis Filer

The Bioshock Infinite one is a quote from Romeo and Juliet.

The Deadite

Wait, does people reference Army of Darkness at all?


Me: explodes

Harry Mathers

Wow that was unintentional


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