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Henry Stiles

Why is that Ethan guy always such an a**h*le reactor tho :)) I mean everytime he’s in the vid even in other react vid he’s always like a j*rk 🙄


4:29 Right next to the place where the barrels were, there's an Alienware logo.

| The mom: Im CallInG THe PoLicE

Kevin Ginley


Ingo Puhl

Team necklace

Aiden Morrison

can you do hockey??????????

The red car sign....

I am from the tangerinE family

His gloves look like he just dyed his hair with them haha no hate

Pavani Veluru


Jacob Miller

You guys gotta do school stereotypes


So I call your attention to 0:23 Where the sign says no damaging plants.... or the environment. Then what does the panda do? hahaha. awesome vid.

Keith Lanser

Also, the dead cannot hear or appreciate your wishes.


Whoever subs to me I will sub to you

Sean Levesque

Human controller definetely

Lol L8l

Hagrid...you've changed I guess

Ezekiel TheBaller

dez nuts

Catherine yanthan

I can't find her on instagram?


Best USA team ever!


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