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The portal one blew my mind

me: bedroo.....


Nobody: Youre my favorite easter egg hunter on the whole youtubes!

Squirrel Fish

Ok but mexico didn't go to war with vietnam.

Reese Mahn

Love him amazing receiver


Fastest panda alive

100 subscribers without videos? Plz

You should make a video about earth and how we are destroying it (unless you already did then I didn’t see it)

sh kzk

It seems like the story was written by a 13 year old girl who is really obsessed with Korean dramas

The Som of Rom

What's your favourite television show? On TV currently or off the air, either or.

Oliver Svajda

what about sonic???


I love you for putting both The Sufferings on your list!!! Thank you!! I thought everyone forgot about them.

Bucket Head102


Julienne Angelo Carpo

Games are getting crappier nowadays, despite the technological advances. This game looks like a generic cookie cutter on rails interactive movie.

Hajisk Nabunaga

well... on the attack on titan reference all the costumes were references to other shows. in ordr it was bakemonogatari, attack on titan, ano hana and puelka magi madoka magica.



i can see the camra

Supriya Banik

Girl u r so selfish.


Also I'm pretty sure during the demolition derby section, the Taxi said "I'm drivin' here!" when Cruz bumps into him as a reference to that one famous scene in Midnight Cowboy

Neomie Beatty

9/11 all over again'

Derrick Brailsford

This place looks freaking AWESOME!!!!!


Fantastic Mr. Fox is just a whole asmr video tbh.






Plot twist

Peter Abel

Sorters by new this kurt baban is going WiLd

-Yeah, so?


This reminds me of that one AGT performance that got a golden buzzer.

It Family

Oh yea the us army engineer class takes the appearance of COD MW 3 grinch

Unacell Ular


Michaela Rice

I'm only 5 and a half minutes in and already feel like a bad fan for not noticing ANY of this 😓

Might be forgetting others. Anyway, I used to watch Bond a lot as a pre-teen, and I remember all these pretty well. How you judge this is entirely up to you. There are many factors to consider in how it is viewed by all types of men and women. But I understand why it would make a lot of people uncomfortable. Good video.

Ajakh7 Henry


David Bray

Team cobey


Get ready for ATT FALL

SO Storms

What if my job is actually find

Stefan Loghin

Tf do you mean by spoilers ahead we already know what happens

soid drone slayer

The Seawall is too little too late not only for the city of New York but coastal cities all over America from the West to the East coast it will not stop the inevitable sea level is rising faster than ever and in 20-30 years time we will begin to see the devastating effects of it. Unfortunately we have no one to blame but ourselves.

fat man on crack

Unpopable bubbles you need bubbles mix like a bottle of bubbles and cornsurp and water mix well and there you go.


lol "how did u get back here?" keem em up



JP Sysl

panda ftw

xyBlood \\Lotus

I bet she did something wrong too. Like he isnt doing that shit alone. Both of them did their part.

Daschip xhap

song please


Hashim Mukhtar Tarar


gacha sarrah

Ooh so cool

Jennifer Lynch

that was amasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Cima Politi

Viva la figa

Billy Fahy



u said u have thought of every thing but u havent thought of going on a rollercoaster and shoot it on that

Jenn Nguyen

Who is panda?!?


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