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Aaron Perry

Teachers liking popular people? What universe do you live in?!

Only Haiz

Legit thought that was Eminem for about 15 full secs

Kaivyn V978

Damn polo go Crazy iz litt🔥🔥🔥🔥

- my mum

Logan Anderson

FunWithGuru is my favorite channel :] When you die your brain is still active for 8 minutes afterwards and in that period your entire life plays out in front of you from birth to death (near death experiences)


Well done, epic video!

Ant man Smith blogs



try burj khalifa

marissa anderson

Ok but....is she gay?

JankyyTae -

"tryna pull up on they corner and make niggas disperse, we just want em to feel our pain cause we been hurt, they took one of ours we just tryna get reimbursed"

Miquel Hormigo

keanu reeves next time pls!!!!

D.B Videos

Who is watching in May 2019?

Noah Oziel

I wonder how they went to man city and Arsenal in a few days

Can you help me make history for my son ??? Thank you

Nerisa Abdulla

When the girl said: you maybe thinking I'm so mean and I was like:nopeee. He deserves it like deserves it alot


This is so sad):


Anyone think it’s weird that this is the only dude perfect video that’s ever been recommended to me?

Kō Shunu

I'm still clueless whose in the panda costume

makes sense

Krista Stevens

Wow i got a phone when i was like 9 😂😂🤣😅


Based chad

everything is alright

Damn, Can't wait to get this game on disc.


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