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Logical paradoxes are great fun to think about. There are many, many famous paradoxes, and many much less popular. In this video, I have collected 7 of my personal favourites, involving maths, words, time travel and physics. If you like this style of video make sure to let me know so I can cater my content to your liking! I hope you enjoy the video.Twitter: @AlexO_ConnorInstagram: @Alexj2703LINKSSwish YouTube Channel: by Jim Al-Khalili:


I'm childfree. Why did I watch this?

kvipe king

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Dave Chid

4:15 I’d never leave my family like that

Lynsey King

I’m just very disappointed, as a whole, with E3 this year.

Jake Gosnell

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Commander Liquor

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Logan Pabst


God's Ambassador

Why is the road to Heaven narrow, and why do many people end up burning in Hell after their physical death on earth? Watch this https://youtu.be/IAzYf1d5aCw and learn from their mistakes...

Josh Gill

so sad I cried 😣😣😣

Mohamed Abostate

Can guys do a biking edition

Cherry 🍒

I am Gale Hawthorne, from District 12.


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I thought the exact same thing.

I hope you continue making vids, man. I liked the top tens in video games,but I enjoyed the Easter Egg series equally as much. But most of all, That would be awesome

Cameron Greene

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Stinky Kraken

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Samiya Jee

This video was made when I was just 2 and now I'm almost 8


Haniyah Siddiqui

Make a video on falling from real airplane from 20000 feetAnd then label it as*dude perfect death*

Nick Bricks

2:54 was a cool edit scene👊🏽

Connor Flynn

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Laurie Ann Domingo

Why do they lutteraly act like there's not one person in the WHOLE damn world that has been through this? Wait nevermind I see it now 💀

Vy Đặng

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a new eargasm video...!I almost shed tears... in awe.


Guessing you were a solitary child?


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I just can’t watch this it just pisses me off and just makes me want to slap that fucking teacher


If i was her i would slap him

Marvin Reicher


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Jeff Llama

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