Actualizar y Eliminar registros utilizando Codeigniter - AJAX - YouTube

En este videotutorial les explicare como poder actualizar y eliminar los registros de una base de datos, en la cual estaré utilizando el frameworkCodeigniter de PHP. El proyecto lopuedes descargar en el siguiente link :

Unicorn Puppy

Ok so I need help.. I don't know if what I am about to tell u guys is normal or not but every couple months I get cramps and back pain and mood swings but I get no blood I'm starting to get a little worried because I am turning 14 in a couple months.. if you all in the comments have anything to say that's helpful please say it I would greatly appreciate it.

Richard Miranda

why do you not play basketball

Jolyne Swain

I love your stereotypes!! I really won't you to do a dance stereotypes. Thank you very much.

Mike Garito

who else see's how crooked the goal post is at 1:45

Danton Lins

I FOUND TOO IN THE WHOLE FIRST EPISODE: Freddy Krueger and a reference to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre !!!!!

Jinx Jones

With my depression I either dont shower for a week or more OR I shower several times ago

Liam Cameron Midnight

Are you kidding me I have to watch frozen again?? GOD I HATE ANNAAnd MY FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE ARE LIKEROLEPLAYINGGIRL 1: i will be Elsa!!!GIRL 2: NO I'm elsa you're Anna Like wtf

Cedrick oof

why would u want to inhale smoke

OG Lucas

2019 anyone?

Jose Medel

This guy just makes La Raza Look Bad he isn't even funny


I'm sorry Guru but I can't fully watch your video until sometime past June 28, hope you can understand.

cris joy hao

what about Dan?

:Link.. Ghh.. WHY YOU! "Charges again at Feral"

xristos nezantis

Oh my goodness.w(°o°)w


conner kenway (aka ratonhnhaké ton) vs agent 47

Zano 220

I also have DID.

tien miner

My is in Vietnam

atp Pedro

Why is your channel called 1Minute videos when the video is 7 minutes


You've been picking really good vid topics lately, like with this and Stranger Thins

lewis mcnabb

That kid scared the crap out of me

Chucky GotFlava

“Real niggas is a dyin breed but still maintaining”🙌🏽🗣


I can't believe even though you have 300k subs, you still try to answer every single comment on your videos. Just to talk

Dragon OfDubstep

oh no,first war thunder,AND WATCH DOGS,games,WHAT HAVE YOU DONE



Bugra Doganay

you are awesome

Lil Mac’s channel


A.D.G. All Day Gaming

I’m the my bad guy my bad

Mexican Bill Gates

Azaan Eyaad

I just really hope that this isn’t just another cash grab by Disney, I’m Praying that there’s a good story behind all of this.


I thought they were playing smash or pass

Yeet Yeeterson

Your new music make me remember my dead father it's just really sad music


5:40 the shirts look different

YoUrE mOm GaY

Humans: build wall I can tell you crazy, but shit kind of intrigue me (No, yeah, I like that) After: rolls eyes I'm glad I'm subbed


Explosion 💥

suvvi's kitchen

Effil tower

I have nothing to say to you, goodbye!


좀 말도안되는데

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A PIГ (life revolves and is covered within pi π (Greek 80, besides 3.14) everything that is us)


Min 2:31 that easter egg is more like bioshock 2


I wonder how this would do as a chimichanga? If nothing else, it's a chance to deep fry something...

Joel Gunasekaran

Now, they're so much better! They would call this the 4 point shot!

Luz Matos

Thx its soo cool😹


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