Adrian Wojnarowski reacts to Tension exists between Chris Paul & James Harden - YouTube

Adrian Wojnarowski reacts to Tension exists between Chris Paul & James Harden

Lorena Gonzalez

She's like 2 months

Lol The Duck

Me: * reads title*

kh3v3rg4 777XD

Lol I hate the stereo sound

Prajakta kale destruction

2:29 dphq 1

Stacy Garner

Steph curry

c reuter

I don't get powerpuff girls

Tsar Gent 🤴🏾💪🏾💯

Also around the east edge of the map there is a dead Chinese commando or you will see a UFO explode! (Drops alot of Alien Blaster ammo)

Andrei Pastrana

If they did it in a lake where many people swim they could find many things

Delta Sixx

checks watch wow, I'm early!

Owen Mcfry


Joyce ten Have

NOS u have a new world record

captain lego

Είσαι η καλόγεροι

Kw4kzzZ _OwO

Tyla can you marry me? Seriously u ar really good man luv u <3 (u need to be sign by lyrical lemonade the style of Cole Bennet for the clip would be perfect ) (sorry for my bad English I’m French)


you can also find rapture records in the warden's office when elizabeth summoned you into the future


Sub to pewdipie

If you don’t lik If you start being grateful, soon enough you might love yourself enough to quit your job and go do something that makes you and the world better.


really? you didnt see the jak and daxter board game sitting right there? or what about the two jak and daxter toys on the bed in the bedroom then sir you need glasses

Flyder Kai

Who else watching in 2017?


isnt doctor hill an easterbegg because theres a psychiatrist called doctor phil

John Demetriou

Is this as funny as the original? Lo Wang throwing funny punchlines?

Lili Loebl

who is panda


but how do u reheat steak for this without ruining it?

Shark 321

I didnt understand 2 lol

Jacobi Small jr

They should go pro

JustAnime 5XG

This is sad because I can relate.

Lizzy Dollan

This is like listening to a watpad book


Had To React 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤟🏾


Love you guru

Bing Boi


Justin Segura

Jaja Oki


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