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Audio oficial de la canciónAhora va la Mía de Alejandra Orozco.Contacto Directo: Pato CárdenasCel (33) 3954 5092Mail: luiscardenasestrada@hotmail.com

Hernan Zamora

1,000th liker

Felicity Mcfadden

no but I am in 2019

I am the sky

Witch one bestNumber1 rockets or Number2 rockets


I even compared myself to the cartoons😂

Keli Terry


Meagan Garrett

The next one should be eating stereotypes

Mathias Fredslund

7:32 “I love wheel unfortunate” June 2019 he was in a box of snakes 🐍 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

Bryce Pitts

I love this excellent version of the music of World Anthem by Press Play in this video.

tyler adelle

Love how he nonchalantly whips out a grenade

Simon Augustine

I really like the music choice for the Sonic trailer, maybe a guilty pleasure depending on how many people agree.

muhammad gaihsan afadiannyah

Ini indo apa orang luar negeri

Jaxon Warwick

Hey guru love your videos :) <3

ImCakeCat OwO

Holy shit, I dint know that Bijuu mike has a rough life...

Alejandro Ponce


Pc Gupta

250 yard pool party is my favourite shot

Arnold Jakoda

1:16 the baskettarrow shot :)


3:12 was not an easter egg they're called merchant chest's there's a bunch of them all over skyrim

Mohanamanikandan B

Giant paper plane trickshots


Allie Grace

I hate when people say Who is watching in 2017Who is watching in 2017 😂

ChimChim95 Park Jimin

Totally unecessary but the boy's clothes in the thumbnail reminds me of Jungkook's clothes in Euphoria😊😊

Kurt Cobain

I stood up to my bully, he went home crying and moved a few months later


How did Cory forget his bag in the airport

Tanner diggs

7:23 jumps



Young Jw

Fuck ghost recon and rainbow. I'm waiting for watch dogs legion

Burrito Uzumaki

Sorry but all my hype is going towards the Nintendo E3 direct today


i think i'm a psychopathy cuz of how i lack empathy as how they say it i would only really cry if sombody close to me like my mom died friends close friends nah

Sly Slager

Do some hockey trick shots

the real lolo lolo

Make a part 2😂😂😂😂

Lynn Shaughnessy

I knew it was checkers


I started dying because of what he said at 9:57


However he IS an idiot for trying to tell someone something is a reference to something completely unrelated in a game that came out years AFTER this game was released.And after being told in the text in the video what its a reference too. How about a little fucking common sense here?

Dimond Wolf

Ok if ur back hurts go get a back massage


ND can means Nathan Drake too

Nguyễn Thái Anh

You're pretty good at editing videos, You should make game review videos and may be some let's play yourself, instead of just making this easter eggs videos! seriously!

Daniel Lopez

At 0:58 is that....is that Rhys????

Cassandra Dowd

Is that not Velma and Shaggy?

IamPandora Bitches

They went from family-friendly-with-a-little-bit-of-edginess to straight up DARK in the span of two fucking movies, didn’t they?

FaZe Rug

Douglas Riley

How do you do This

Rylie Bradley

3:37 that was very rude😐😐

Mitchell Short

yeah that angel carried it to the hoop huh smiles...its angle

10000 subscribers without videos

I fell in love...

33 All the way

People still play this shi


so you didn't flush...

fitzij fjernsyn

You could have just mentioned "LEGO Star Wars", and said something like THE ENTIRE THING.

Greta Howard

Stay strong through this hard time. Don’t let anyone tell you what your dad should have done


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