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His is sad

Taylor Brasel

Where did you get the Waffle House hat

David Todorovic

Where is other location of ps3

Alpha.mobil Galo

باللغة العربية شيء رائع

Cute Devil

With anorexia you believe people when they say your fat you don't believe them they are lying you eat just eat there's nothing that will make you happy when you starve all your doing is treating your body bad it needs the food too make energy ☺😊😀😁😃😄😅😆😉😇😌😏😙😘😚😂

ArtIs ABlur

Even when ty loses he wins

i like memes

Can u take away the gorn on Instagram


Chase Lawrence

Yo Cody was mad at Tyler and teared up 3:36

Need I say more?

Jean Moolman

I really live in Pretoria


What’s the spaghetti policy here?


Dan Bailey who? The cowboys can just use Zeke


Fcking parents abused the dog smh

Melisia Barnes

this video makes cry

Idiot that doesn't have friends because im stupid

the 60 yards shot

Lele Stevenson

For someone who hasn't been in a relationship before, he acts a lot like a fuckboy



You earned every sub you have, guru. Keep up the awesome work!

mostly megs

Look at how small tyler looks and how different,the twins look

Chibi Ahri

And this was in my recommends? K

tina .

i was holding my vagina the hold time watching this



Charlie Quizhpi

Sleeping paralysis

Milda Amsiejute

You’r dad is........ im not crying for you im just....

Kassidy Miller

Micheal- Dude this put a dent in my penny. Death

Streamer House

Fantastic video, good luck!

Reshma Taskeen

Robert downy Jr.

Mr Lucky

0:07 i was born to a 17 year old mother who was 17 at the time. That is stupid

brenda Playz

How much money do u think is in the piggy bank?~

(PC) 74/100

Spread Clan

I like about them is they are christans and good at tick shots.

sophia roa

Kick Jake 100 times = like down below

Rena Essame

When a man maltreats you it's not your fault,never say it's your fault

Dyl Pickle

You should make a motercicl trick shot episode

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