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Completing ALL heroic mode BOSS DRAGON BATTLES in DML! When you defeat level 80 Mini as the final boss, you unlock the BIGHORN DRAGON! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🤖 Join My Discord Server: Facebook Page: Instagram: Twitter: BOSS DRAGONS IN DML Wiki Page: today in Dragon Mania Legends we are taking on ALL BOSS DRAGONS! There are currently 20 in total and MINI is the final boss! For each of these fights I tried to use teams that would at least be mostly evenly matched to the bosses to give you some insight into what sort of levels your team would need to be to defeat each boss! I know there's no commentary for this one, I wanted to make this video slightly different and moreso just about the raw boss battles since when do we really do that? The FINAL BOSS MINI we had to take on with Andy of course!TAGS:dragon mania legends boss battle final boss mini final boss battle dml how to beat boss do not hack dml you naughty person hack gems gold very bad in dragon mania all 20 boss fights dragon mania how to beat mini final boss dragon all bosses dml korloth boss twinkles boss mini boss la fontaine mr popsicle stinky floe boss dragons

BASH BROS. The Sundy Boys


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Hey Guru, were you going to do a video on all of the Black Ops 3 Zombies easter eggs when the rest of the DLC comes out?

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wow, I like the video length

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He is so funny, I’m glad he did this video. For sure my favorite video.

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