Android Camera2 API Video App - Part 3 Adding TextureView for displaying the preview - YouTube

The new Kotlin version is available here tutorial series which describes how to create an android video application using the android camera2 API.Part 3 describes how to add the TextureView and attach a surface texture listener to be notified of when the TextureView is available.Check the accompanying website tutorial here details:Tag camera2-video-textureviewor you can run this commandgit clone --branch camera2-video-textureviewIn this tutorial we will cover:- Padding in RelativeLayouts- Adding a TextureView to a RelativeLayout- Creating a TextureView- Creating a SurfaceTextureListener- Checking the availability of the TextureView- Checking whether the surface texture listener creation was successfulAPI's covered- TextureView- TextureView.SurfaceTextureListener- TextureView.isAvailable- TextureView.setSurfaceTextureListener- findViewByIdFor much more information checkoutWebsite - - - - - previous tutorials were aimed at beginners to android but over time have been getting more complex as the original camera_intent app has developed.This tutorial series is more aimed towards the intermediate developers thought for those who have been following the previous tutorial series, feel free to watch this android performance series.Android studio (1.5) is the editor of choice (IDE) for this tutorial series.This tutorial series is the start of what I expect to be many so I encourage comments and feedback to improve the quality and viewing experience.

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