An Introduction to Qt 5 - Session 1: Writing a Widget Based Application - YouTube

This is the first part of a series of sessions I planned in which I want to show some basics of Qt 5 programming. This session is about writing a very first widget based application in Qt using Qt Creator as IDE for development.

Cody Soenneker

To team Cody


There should be more ultra beasts in Sword and Shield

Evan Playz

6009 make is upside its still 6009

maddox Guidry

imthe rage monster lol

Alan Tran

@ranksluostis10 they were on the news

jefferson jay medina

How is he not at 1 mil subs yet. He is the only YouTuber that I know could find the best Easter eggs/secrets that I don’t see on YouTube most often.

Ann Zhao

Studies show that it's very bad for a child when his/her parents divorce, but sometimes it's okay.

Brie Lundy

I never thought I’d be crying over anything like this but here I am. Nate crying really got me, not gonna lie. Lord.

レム REM

WOW those were some fantastic eastereggs. I can't wait to see more, if there anything as good as these are. Great work man!

Amanda Wade

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abigail Robertson

Jeffree : let's just put it right here.............

Alessandro Remo

2:03 was that scripted??



John Corrigan

Me to had about 50 pop up in one vid


This won’t beat endgame though I’ll tell you that





>holiday 2020

Wayne Miles

My great nan died on Xmas eve last year


I’m team coby

ashleyshufelt2128 Jeromejr23

Film with shaquan Barkley

Kiki Do you love me?

And the last thing in the video she says is....

Barbara Bardouniotis

No one is better than Odell! Long live the football 🏈 god!


Uhmmmm.... Shadow Warrior i know had kinda worst graphics... This a remake or what?

Smith Gaming

Cody is trying not to laugh at 2:05

MadieZ 2004


it's me mya

You guys didn't kiss 😭

Fefe Helfa

wow she’s sooo pretty

Subal Chandra Das

I wanted a phone when I was 12 but my parents denied and now I understand why they did so ,your story really made me realize this thank you !!

Eli Cords

Whats the pont of the beeps?

Thirst Fast

I wanna see Max or Jill get to try bites on camera, but only if they want to. I have a tiny channel and realized immediately I don't like showing my face, for no really good reason. I just always think "man, if I was filming this, I'd want a bite too!", but I also understand the magic of editing allows them to try it not on video.... I love the fact that you have a channel on the road to a million with your kids. You guys are all awesome!

GetRekt Royale

Tyler you look like Messi From Soccer

Squisheh UwU

She look like ramen hair girl from roblox.

Remington conner

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May Sal

Is there more to the story??


Rell N Rev

How old are you, Guru?

Diggory Scamander


PowerpuffGirl Boyo

You don’t have to be thin to be beautiful because you are beautiful inside


I thought that was Godzilla near the end! (I just watched that movie a few hrs ago 😅)


That first easter egg is fucking fantastic

- Mitch

12:09 -- the AI pod says "Pi is equal to 3.2546373698888..." In my experience with it, I never had a coach and no one forced me to do anything. I decided how much or how little to eat. If anything, people at least tried to keep me alive. "Drink water" "bring a protein bar just in case" "take a multivitamin at least" etc...

Tessa Bak

All these stories are very deep

Daniel Cheung

4:08 When pennywise gets rekt


RMA Channel

I'm waiting for this💙

you earned a sub

Cào Cào Vlogs

This is not the result of exercise hundreds of thousands of times. It has such a wonderful result that the channel owner already knows how to use video editing software Adobe premiere. But really thank Ekip for making the clip which has interesting and interesting audiovisual products to attract viewers. Great. Thank you. I love you allI'm Vietnam🇻🇳

babiligomiles colexxtentacion

Lütfen türkçe altyazi ekleyin

King_ Kang_21

Did they reuse some of the clips ???

Somly Just An Artist

13:56 "Segítség! Valaki, segítség!" Magyarul beszélt?? KOMOLYAN?????? WTF????!!!! It's speaks hungarian!!!!!! Really?? What the hell??!!!!

RNC Monkeys

watch dogs 2 pleas

Erica Miranda

Ask for a Female doctor next visit! I don’t think you should jump at all. Love you guys!

Сергей Купельский

Watching this all the way from Russia, R.I.P. NIP


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