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Miraculerfan Marichat

That is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Uli Kdmabaalz

I see you Soyboys are at again.

Christina Hernandez

The Princess bride that's my favorite part I re-watch it all the time 😄


You forget to show the sigil of tes in the video. :D

PTG Clan


Go fucking die

A person who enjoys 혜랑 Rang ASMR

I hate gold diggers

Emma Timmons

Soo excited

Ethan S

no golf clubs were harmed in the making of this video

I think you may have one of the most loyal fanbases that exist and nearly all will respect any decision you make.

Charles Banu

My favorite is baseball

the foolio


This video shows that bullying can come from anywhere.

Nico Caso

The song?


Hey, I had just been wondering why you aren't using text as much as you used to.

Alex Burgos Jr.

Also, in Wreck-it-Ralph, next to the poster that referenced the Paperman, there's a poster that reads " LOST DOG NAME: Bolt "

Kookie-oppa Bts

My euphoria, my everything, my oxygen, I love you jeon jungkook, we love you💜

King GeorgesBra


Max Stamour

this guy should really play in nba or mbl or something. He would easily be the next Micheal Jordan

Adni leta

While listening to his story everything sounded so genius like leaving a job at Google also sounded genius.. Maybe cause we knew there was.something big coming.. And may be he new this Big coming before anyone else can see.. But that's because he believed in himself. Every Big personality does what they are passionate about and what they believed they want to do that's best for them.. But I don't think I can ever believe in myself.. It really takes too much guts which I dont have

Kirk S.

At the back of the Pizza Planet Truck says YO. So the meaning of YO might be TOYOTA?

but I have had the same life as you and I’m in a beautiful and caring

climax mini films

your non laugh able ty.next vid you should were a tie


okay tati i feel you but im 22 and we're fast forwarding towards extinction because of huge companies destroying the environment im planning on earth being around long enough for me to keep living to my 60s

Jack Smith

t swiff

Savage Shuaib

Guru Easter Eggs : 2:08 , 7:50

W747 MGR3Admin

I'm watching in 2015

Project Zoro

How Did Cody get hurt

Jane Doe

There may be a reason this wouldn’t work that I’m not thinking, but I would think something like a gently sloped slide would be more efficient at evacuating a tall building than stairs. Of course you’d still need to have stairs, but how many times has there ever been a need to quickly get occupants into a building. A slide would also accommodate handicapped persons that either couldn’t go down the stairs or would greatly hinder the egress of everyone else.

1000 subs by commenting challenge?

how to make polo G songs




me when my friends ask me out to go somewhere far away that involves a lot of spending and hours away from home


You gone too far with leo

Etta Stone

It’s called minute but it’s like 11 minutes......?

Dylan Playz

Lmao Romeo Lacoste?

Elizabeth Hall

That's not part of the Easter egg.

Joseph Magliocca

5:30 walking after midnight is from the fifties, not the fourties

Sigan a toque_y_gol en instagram

Argentina 😍😍

Cuando salgo pa' la calle, todo lo he recordado (Eh eh eh) Yeah it's bad.

Mahan Pourfakhr

I always known we had to build a wall😎

SayToe Charles

How do panic attacks work?

Cat Loover

Oh my god, her haircut is horrible.

Lio Messi


Brandon Pronuevo

All of them look loke theyre sons

Prakash Dsouza

You all are the best in the world

Luísa Silva

Why is Noel’s voice so soothing


Hump de dumpy sat on a wall fell of and got a butt crack

•so I decided to come back to my wife and say “ya never mind let’s be happily married”


Only two of them weren't bonfires lol.

So wouldn't they be a "foreigner" too?

sandy animations

ur a philipines

Simran Randhawa

I feel so bad man


In halo 5, there’s a map called torque and when you look out into space you can see two names. Those names are from two little girls who died in a house fire in real life. The two little girls are daughters from a long time halo fan named TheCrazedSpartan and 343 wanted to show care by adding their names into the sky and making their first animated emblem after them called true light (It’s a legendary that everybody gets) it isn’t a video game Easter egg, it’s an Easter egg in commemoration for the two little daughters

Tom Holland Is Too Pure

Please tell me I’m not the only one who actually thought he was in the movie.

Lee Hong Yin

Will This comment get some commend?


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