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Relax as I take what could be an 80-90 year old dip pen and introduce it to ink for the very first time. My son and daughter-in-law gave me this pen as a gift. It is a pen that was sold as a souvenir at a tourist attraction called Cave of the Winds, in Colorado. I believe it to be from the 1930's but cannot be certain. Perhaps it is newer, but then again I suppose it could be older...who knows. Headphones or ear-buds are recommended for this video.Click the link below to see the revised version of this video:pen is made from what appears to be brass and has a Mother of Pearl body. Also in the box was a nice hand-painted, Mother of Pearl letter opener. I must admit that I was surprised by not only how well the pen writes, but by the amount of line variation I was able to achieve. This video is not a review, but rather me simply enjoying a very thoughtful gift. For all of you eagle-eyed types, yes, I realize that I wrote a word or two twice, that was intentional because I wasn't happy with the first one, so no need to call me out on it. Out of habit, I also wrote "fountain pen" when I should have wrote "dip pen". No biggie, just relax and enjoy:)If you are wondering what I am writing at the time a massive drop of ink fell from the over-loaded pen, it was just some information I found on the internet about the Cave of the Winds attraction. I was going to read it after I wrote it, but due to the video taking an ugly turn, I decided on the fly to just post it here in the description. Enjoy:)Cave of the Winds info:Discovered in 1869 and opened to public tours in 1881, Cave of the Winds has been a place for visitors to explore the underground world for 130 years. But the history of the caves goes back even further -- it's millions of years old!Early legends of the Jicarilla Apaches, who migrated through the Pikes Peak region around 1000 AD, told of a cave in the Manitou Springs area where the Great Spirit of the Wind resided.In 1869, a recent settler to Williams Canyon named Arthur B. Love became intrigued by a cleft in the canyon's western wall. When he investigated the opening, he discovered a large limestone archway and a cave entrance that would later become Cave of the Winds.The modern era of Cave of the Winds began when brothers John and George Pickett went looking for new caves on a scouting trip in Williams Canyon in 1880. They discovered a small shelter cave near the limestone archway.When they lit their candles, they noticed that the flames flickered in the wind that blew from a nearby crevice. When they crawled through the passageway, they emerged into a large chamber that promised a world of exploration.That world of exploration was opened up by George Washington Snider, a stone cutter from Ohio who traveled to Colorado seeking fame and fortune. In the fall of 1880, Snider excavated passages from the Williams Canyon caves and discovered Canopy Hall. "It was as though Aladdin with his wonderful lamp had effected the magic result," Snider wrote.Snider continued to excavate and began preparations for guided tours. Cave of the Winds has been in continuous operation since February 1881 -- making it one of Colorado's original visitor attractions!Electrical lights were switched on in the caves on July 4, 1907, and visitors began traveling to Cave of the Winds in even great numbers -- first by carriage and railroad, and now by car and SUV!Congratulations! In reading the description, you found the secret bonus video!or ear-buds are recommended for this video.Visit my Toy channel at the following link:

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I was a really anxious person, the anxiety was like a monster eating me from the inside. My marks at school started to be worse, I was like paralyzed if I had to talk with anyone. It was terrible. Now, I don’t know why, the anxiety ended, my Ann died, I got anyway a residue but is like a little fly in my head which I can stop, kill with a flyswatter, and I feel way better. Before I hated go out, talk, socialize. I was sad. Now I pretendo to hang out with friends, socialize, talk and joke also with strangers. I’m happy. Enjoy life! :)


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