AtCoder Beginner Contest 130 解説放送 - YouTube


I might have BPD...

Quang Minh Nguyen

It's cool when its says: Sponsored by Flex tape

Nur-Aini Benjamin

I really like this, it seems very old Disney you know

Josh Alexander

5:34 Garret: I don't want u Rob any banks with my face

And Suicied..

Sergiys 328

That's no stereotypes)XD

Arriane Mae

I thought only Jesus Christ can walk on water. 😁

Kabir Hotchandani


Both:beats up*


Just watched all the episodes in about 3 days. I'm ready for this

Jim Quarantillo

They Buffalo Bills their my team and they suck sooooo we need someone good.....

Why did I make myself watch this?

Dr_ Pleb


Potato Man

Soulja Halation?

Josh W.

I think I gained weight watching all of that butter fry.


Wow this was streamed

Cause that's me

Jack Marquardt

you guys are awesome

Ricky M

Do you guys do this o your first try or does it take a few shots

Matthew Treydte

Win 2019

Frankilin Clinton

lol on saints row 2 he was dat girl from mirrors edge

Angie Baby

Plot twist: its just weed

Michelle Hapeman

jarvis landry ts

Austin Holland

I’ve been too Destin

Matt Moschel

Actually magnesium is closer to gold in weight, magnesium is the most common filler in con coins - gold plated over magnesium

Devante' Porter

Thank you so much for the content



king of kids

Android is the best

Rick Phillips

you shouid do a wedding stereotypes

I don't got time for lies and jokes


How is GTA 4 more realistic than GTA 5? By what meaning? Dont even bring up driving, real life driving is nothing like GTA 5's or GTA 4's.


I wAs BulliEd foR beiNg a hoMoPhobE

Utku Kaan

let s go again

better slam the door behind me

Sumeet Brahmawar

I love this guy

BKSL#Music Oficial



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