Automatic door - Siemens Logo tutorial. LAD, FBD, PLC tutorial.

Another Siemens Logo tutorial. The door opens automatically when they detect motion and closes after a certain time.Like, subscribe and don't skip the ads :)Disclaimer:This is example program. I can't under any circumstances be held liable for any possible personal injury or material damage resulting from the use of this program.


Go back to area 51 after the easter egg, its awesome as

Zechariah Anoai 96

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ㄱㅐ좋아 계속듣는다


I found one where a militia solider said "Its better than Keystone (Flashes city) at least you can see Batman coming" Flash easter egg

Cedric M

go in the NBA!!!!!

Khatija Dhuliawala

We want one more real life trick shot

Padma Ja Lakshmi Danda

Please do on cricket

Gacha rhys

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Dezel Watt

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Betty167 Pizarro Muñoz

Se acostó temprano, mañana hay que estudiar

chris kehrer

song 1# 🔥💥


Great vid again <3


Still could not find the song.


Yousif Alseetli


panda bear

Ive wached every single video of u guys!! Even The newest one! LOVE U GUYS

Vatthana Chanthavong

Omfg 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 who remember having friends over with multiple console and and television playing halo 1 multiple player lol

Puffin 13

Please react to a youresoloud video.


0:52 when did his neck transform into a giraffe?

rosyedits &aesthetics

3:07 on one of the illustrations, her shoe has the Adidas logo but on the one next to it, it has the Nike logo...

antony liu

empire state building

Sanjuana Barbalich

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ayeeyo kevin

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Aysia Allen

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Idah Shukri

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Gabriel Lee

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Michael Modelski

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Chloe Stolly

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Beantz Fair

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Kai Sanders

If you do part 4 you should put from 22:43 to 23:13 from the movie Dream Lover

Minecraft:dont mind me just watching a minecraft vid


Guru has blessed us with another video!!


Thats scares me for some odd reason

olivia frost

when ty got shocked i wanted to cry 😂 i felt so bad


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