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jack frost

I'm tearing up I know exactly how she went through but I ate a lot and my parents are still together things calmed down but I still suffer for almost 10 years I get anxiety so bad that my body and brain shuts down I really need help I'm glad that my parents love each other now but I sometimes I still hear them fight I got diagnosed with anxiety when I said I was going to kill myself I went to the principal office and they brought 2 mental health doctors and I really had a anxiety attack to where I couldn't control myself then the school was about to send me to the hospital wearing a stray jacket I hate that school so much!!!!!! I wasn't the only one either.Then I got sent back home for the day and I went to daep for 6 weeks (best 6 weeks of school ever!!!) I thought I was going to get suspended or expelled it still gives me bad memories to this day!


We know your name from Africa

Ziyah Moss

Derik CARR

Calla Antoinette

I have it. I only started to figure it out a year ago when I was beaten and raped.

your mother homo

Oh my god! This is just what I need! Btw me and my dad already heard the Lex Luthor voicemail

Vishisht Pal

what would you call a sea fish taking a selfie ?Selfish

D Pencil

Who’s here because of post malone

Vithushan Nanthakumar

The same thing

Lucky Spe

This actually made me cry

Evan Silveira

Random Clips #2 I was wondering what the future of this message is prohibited and that you can see the world of you who don't know what you want to do with the same time. I have a good butt. I have a good butt. I was just a little 8k.


Shereka Elder

the first 20 people to subscribe to my YouTube channel to shereka Elder and like the video will get a shout-out

Bilawal Ahmed Rahim

There is nothing easy.Does go pro flip

Proflie YT

Knock of off Dude perfect

a ahir

I know what you went through my father was CKD pateint dialysis suffered lot very lot we all were in deep agony till now even after his death those memories pain haunt never go off but life go on we have to adapt grow up fight those haunting back story

Dan Ferg

Garret wasn't there cause he doesn't have a shotgun license. (I think.....)

1214 kencan

Interview kawhi

Zoe Yaeger

Love their videos, but do u ever cringe at some of their celebrations 😬

One week later TheFatRat - No No No




2019 ???

Devin Fields

Gucci is one of your favorite brands.




But in the game he stays dead when you cut all his body parts off.

Janie Allard

For a starter if you want to do the around the world do it with a balloon

Grady Pazona

When will Tyler spin the wheel! One like=one percent higher of ty spinning the wheel

Andy Sampson

Its amazing that you find this stuff

Prasanth Celestine

ty's beard is soooo bad!


i told my friend that in that fridge was at least 5000 dollars and a rare smg with 200 dps and when meat popsicle jumped he fell on my dog


i can relate ima psychopath too


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