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Stuff mentioned in the video: Blue Yeti MicT6i (The newer version of the camera I have)G7XCut Pro XMouseposéUberlayer-----In this video, I show you the secrets behind how I make Fun Fun Function, what gear and software I use, and make an encouragement to you all to start YouTubing!


0:23, happens all the time.

Kourtnai Broughton

Who is watching in 2017

gaming with obed

but ho is panda

The Raddest Ruddin

This is me but pro Ana is my friends

Sebastian Aponte

2018 anyone

Dan Moliterno

is anyone watching this in 2019


What happened to that guy

Rosebud Why do I need a last name, YouTube?

Weird flex but ok

Caitlin Abeln


La Tranche De Pain

Lol it's Mirror's Eggs.

Timothy Cabotaje

The Fish Kisser 2:47

Ex: cool! Wuts it about?


you should learn how to trick ride horses or maybe jump them that would be awesome

Bennett Lundeen

Go cubs for life!!!!

dilip tudu

Rc monster truck

_ Fenneck _

This is so bad, that's soup.

Virginia Uscanga

sickkkk u guys should of had galaxy players in your video

do you compress the sound of game so background sounds are really loud? Or do you turn up the volume alot?


Gacha Paint

I do too but I think I'm autistic :/

Sam Rocks


i-i know how it feels to not want to live anymore, to hate yourself, to stay up all night with dark thoughts... KNOWING YOU COULD END IT ALL... but you gotta stay strong whatever the motivation you have... i know i am not doing a good thing but i do it for the people that are around me I DON'T WANNA DIE FOOLISHLY JUST BECAUSE OF STUPID EMOTIONS! I hate those things... i will NOT dissapoint everyone just cause i'm weak and can't control myself!

Miez The Katz

How can someone dislike this video?!

tom Wilkinson

The staff you guys do is insane

Me: closes down laptop

Dylan Watson

#10 AJ Mcarron all day

wait wrong channel

Judith Sanchez

Your there illegally stupid so yeah there gonna take you away so don’t fucking blame them

Riggs Black

Are any of u guys lactose intolerant, or do u love milk.

Henry Gomez

Hey in your battlefield hardline video you forgot one super awesome Easter egg

Matias Ortellado

No se como termine aqui

요미종 귀요미

N e ways get a new narrator this woman’s voice is so annoying and makes it seem sarcastic n fake (not that it already probably is)

Evan Allaire


George Cooper

yay gang

firefly / ronjrmy

bond's respectwomen skills are impeccable


is that how u met panda dude?how'd he get in to ur team?

Jay Bee

excited for the games. plz no more game subscription services though. They just lead to more exclusives and control.

Pink Future

Who the hell would even like this girl? She sounds like the jerk. Who the hell wrote this stupid story? Then she became arrogant because he helped her before . Why is she calling him jerk? Too bad , the author wants him to end up with this girl

Dionne Robinson

You should be 119

x FlushestMean93 x

So basically a game entirely based on the the Zombie things

OkayCass X


Nora Ann

I still love my grandpa. He's been gone for 20 yrs.

Sebastian Ong

I hope you could do ready player one as other youtubers are super shit at Editing


Cool and funny

I need help    

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