Blaze And Fade Out (Remastered)

Also, I have to laugh at the hate I got from others about my comment. It's like a guy isn't allowed to have a negative opinion of a game anymore.


9/11 2.0

Yella Ninja

One thing I can say Zelda and Pokémon were always Nintendo best games in the later years.


Am I the only one who noticed that the "Destiny Awaits" posters were changed in the Master Chief Collection to "For Her?"

Daniel Pedley

Some of these lines gotta be referring to Eminem’s diss towards him, but could also just be towards all the haters parroting what others have said

Sara Ali

It's avery sad story...


Why is that horror games have the silliest of Easter Eggs?

Kanye East

ok no joke thats bad!


you missed the one in the blue truck by the boxes close to the front of the car there's a sign that says all the Nuketowns

Braden Humphrey

I want a golden hamburger!!!!

babiligomiles colexxtentacion

Lütfen türkçe altyazi ekleyin

Iloilo Mix Club Team O_X

"Atlantic Rim"....coming on theaters soon..


Hey Guru, I have an easter egg if you haven't done a video on it yet. In Fallout 4 in the Far Harbor DLC there is a bowling alley. In the ally there is a terminal with a list of bowling teams. One of which is the holy rollers a reference to the simpsons. If have done a video on it I'm sorry for giving you something you already knew.


go team CORY

Sushil Antony

6:42 i mean

Ethan Stewart

I say it, and I'll keep saying it. This is one of the best shows available anywhere. Extreme heat releases the endorphins and forces the walls down for these guests. That, mixed with great questions makes this the best reality show out there.

dragon fever


roxanne cromie

Thanks for the jump scare warning


Perfect music for the Rage Monster

Comment section: "No, I don't think I will."

Mitchell Peebles


Sanjar Akhmedov

Khabib taem khabib jenpyan


1:07 Ty:Oh wowRj:how about u do that lets see who is better

KING Kungarna

At 3/53 you can here then swear


Subtle ending with hl2ep2's end ;)

Ryan Clarke

Do a dp baseball game

Freudian Duck

We can't just get a co-op campaign dammit

>Gets over 3,500.    

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