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Yaboiyariel 456


Cupcake Le Pony

I have this autism too and teachers always punish me for no reason


Half Life 3 confirmed :0

Angier Acosta

I loved this wow😆😆❤

Zi Xuan Goo

41th battle.


People crying over saying soccer instead of football lmfao just a name.

Me: then wth are you making with video 😑


Its nice to hear your voice for some reason lol

rocket league king

What’s the song

Paistin Lasta

In the poster with Edward Kenway the guys right to him was clearly James Kidd and Edward "Black beard" Tach (both are in the AC4 too)

Fadl Rasheed

why would a person dislike such a soul-touching video ?

Noormahomed Essak


(I am currently 10 years old)

Mikael cronkrite

MOM you should be more like your brother ME i have a brother MOM no but if you did then you should be more like him.


What is "Iron Sky"?

ItzKaiyo Wolf

Is thecat's name camera?Plus Im watching in2018

Michael Oglesby 2

Rug I'm 11 and I could put u on my shoulders lol

kawhi Leonard

Will make kd a non factor

#gaming With bro


Rand Jooe

Spoiled elitists negro....

Doctor Stephen Strange


Bengalurian Tej

Your barrles are awesome


James can you start doing daily uploads or at least uploads weekly

Get 1,000,000 With no videos

Who in2019


LOL see at 3:00 I was already way too deep into looting to realize the trap, activated it and got hit by anything that can hurt you in it.

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