Rap Müzik (Anıl Piyancı - Tepki - Burry Soprano) | EYS Gece Modu 33. Bölüm - YouTube

Son dönemde müzik listelerinde rapçileri görmeye alıştık. Peki rap müzik nasıl bu kadar popüler hale geldi? Ülkemizde rap müziğin geleceği nasıl olacak? Tüm bunları ve daha fazlasını Türk Rapinin en sevilen isimlerinden Anıl Piyancı, Tepki ve Burry Soprano ile konuştuk.

Milan B.

Cheaters are the worst. Boht sides. Have dignity and respect others!

Maasai Gentle

mr goin for it


what's music name?teach


is that snow at 6:16

Jason Li

the stanley parable is one big easter egg

This was the worst thing that they said because I work really hard on my videos and thanks to them they made me feel like I couldn’t be enough, like I would always be judged.



Shimoshiyamarsh Kipkiupika

You only did this because you really love the guy right?



jennifer wright

Tyler ismy favorite and Garrett and cory

Teodora Koleva

It's a sexism.... The gender doesn't mean anything

sandeep Dubey

you should try cycle stunts n race

Arnes Ba

it didnt count it hit the backboard

Quem puder dá um confere aí ..

Popcorn Doge


WT Shelton

hahahaha what the hell :O master chief from halo and nick from gears of war,,,,,how did you do that

jose juan moreno

1:41 😂😂😂😂

Grant Ritchie

The first one was from crackdown 2

Lps Productions

You got #15 on TRENDING good Jod

Rayzel utomo

wow awesome tyler plane hit the glass botle


Just one of the many diagnoses I’ve been given.


“Money is just a tool” hmmm that’s why bill gates donates a shit ton of his money and you don’t hmmm if you see it as just a tool maybe use it as that tool to help with charities and change in the world.

C_Staveerd Ok


Вячеслав Балясников

Есть русские?

sub please I’m desperate :(

Ninja Master

How many people counted how many flips ty did?

Ian Lalis

At 1:41 did he do da cam


This story made me 😭 it’s so beautiful!

If you wanna challange a really hard challange try ALASKA!

Hannah Privett



what if he was aiming for someone... lol**head-shot**

Kavita Verma

Flyind disk on a cycle

Benjamin Lagunes

I don't get #5

ramiz should

when the anime will be online

Jewel Ramdhan

i love the dude perfect brothers they work as a team all the best

Brayden Sward

The ten million shot should be throwing it over the whole plane and scoring it

Kapi Kaposz

It's Wilson ! Not Wollie :D :D

Casecas Cas

I can relate



britney spears:

Like if you agree !

saji gopalan

668 viewer

Game: Five Nights at Freddy's

Who ami

I know what do you feel. My grandpa died too. After one year of his death I am still in depression.


"Should probably take it easy with this one, Bond." I die at that part.

Mitsu Chan

And people ask me why I think school can be fucking messed up.

If this happen in Norway, the teachers would have lost their job. I am glad he got a happy ending. I wish him all the best.

best out of waste

my vavrate is garret


Real niggaz music 💰


1:18 skips the Twitch/E3 stuff btw

Rose Gardner

You’re an ASMRtist Harry!

Jake Newton

I think y'all need to do outlawdipper (that is his YouTube channel), his ig is jaredoutlaw and/or live2thrilltv so y'all can get in touch

Girl with PWR

Man the mom on the other side below the blue daughter in the yellow at 6:39 like bruh omg


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