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Yuk tonton Learning series Hutata:LEARNING HOW TO LEARN WITH HUTATA full playlist: - Apps belajar Hutata on GooglePlayDownload now for free 👉 Pahamify sekarang GRATIS hingga juli 2019 🎉--------Banyak yang sering komen di video Hutata, bagaimana sih cara supaya konsisten belajar? Kak minta tips belajar dong, Gimana supaya belajar efektif? Apa yang beda dari proses belajar orang yang dapat nilai jelek dan dapat nilai buruk? Di video kali ini kita akan bahas tips-tips belajar yang berdasarkan pengalaman nyata host Hutata.Semoga dengan tips-tips ini kita bisa sukses belajarnya!---SUBSCRIBE: Konten:VARK - Intrinsik - Working Memory - Gambar dan Musik:Epidemic Music#HUTATA, #TIPSBELAJAR, #KONSISTENBELAJAR---HUTATAKita membahas pertanyaan-pertanyaan random yang terkadang membuat kita tidak bisa tidur di malam hari.Mau tahu lebih jauh tentang Hujan Tanda Tanya?Facebook - - business inquiries:

Raul Ali Santana


dawon krisp

The uniform... It's from thailand..

Dylan Simpson

They always add basketball into football

Natalie Weikel

I have that same exact bow from the store

Sarah Paladin

I❤️ bowling

Mustafa Shamsi

The Basket is in his Hands In the Basket ball game .. One step leads from one basket to ANOTHER ONE 😂😂😂😂

Stay strong ❤️

Gadiel Lopez

I know it was chekers


This wall will allow NYC more time to gradually move inland as the sea advances, and I think that's the best we can hope for. Coastal cities can't be saved, but if we slow the changes down enough, we can minimize the long-term disruption such a large population migration is going to cause to surrounding communities.

Hays Collins

They live in frisco Texas and that field is or minor league frisco rough riders. I've met them once. Their old building there was a ice cream place right next to it

Denaris Storm

Ok hear me out: frozen.... as a horror movie....

Tubby Lumpkinz



were you gays live?


I wish i become Tom Hanks....

but I'm good with the remastered. Thanks!

Razgriz 3

these ARE the borderlands baby

David White

if Kd plays 35 mins they will win tonight.

morgan chikomazo

Awesome, guru i love you


Megladon was cool I might try it to scare the shit out of my friends 😂😂😂

Chante Daniels

Ur a Angel


Girl: i started getting bad grades..

Luke Newble

first I thought it was tic tac toe then I either thought it was checkers or connect 4

Lori Brown

8:14 admit that your in 1 of those parts in a movie

Koko Mmc

not even a mma fan like that, mad respect for both of them


Once a week


"I wasn't one of the smart ones"

25Dillon Anderson

Team Cody tall bros

Deangelo Johnson


DogeRevolution [ D F U K ]

Is that face is you?

Ajay Kumar

Is this helicopter your own

Nhor Sok Nhen


Heda Vanessa

I think shes stupid. sending naked pic isnt wrong but she should have known at first that he is the type of guy that has a probability of doing sth like that.


Pls make a My Hero Academia theory they are very good love this theory

the legend27 Lopez

wow they get view for trick shots but not this wow just sad

Chris Paullet



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