C Array - Part 2 | C Language Tutorial

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@FunWithGuru If you turn up the volume and reverse the audio at 5:10 you can hear (a little) what he's talking about, "The ship is stolen". He's talking about the Borealis which is also mentioned in Half Life 2.

Aggelos Z.

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They Changed something.

ali atya

Dude you are truly one of the best you tubers I've ever seen and honestly there's not a lot of you tubers like you these days who make a really amazing quality videos like you and all of your time and effort do show on these videos and I can see how much you put your heart into this I love you man and I hope you can one reach that one million milestone (which I think you deserve more than any other YouTuber) and I'll stick with you till the end


Who do you think you are, two minute video!  Say you are sorry you scum! :)


i thoguht the black guys would be the people shooting it

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Im a anxious type dating another anxious type wish us luck 😅 jk were actually very happy and have actually talked about and are getting stronger ☺😊☺

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for history they studied geography 😂😂

I Had to pay child support

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Was number 7 based on Fable 1?

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1:30 that is a big false start😂

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Remember smosh I know u miss it


3:38 lol if the cameraman let it run any longer, spazzy 3 year old Tyler would have thrown everything he was wearing on to the field too.


So... you enjoyed suicide squad?

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I Wonder How Many Balls Are In The Lake.

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Cody&coby look like there twins

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Tibet Kids



0:00 Favorite stereotype of the whole video.

OrangeCake 4 Life

In my opinion, if the doctors did manage to save someone's life, that's when you pay. If you pay for treatments before then the money is almost a waste if the person doesn't survive

Zone 1up

I really enjoyed this


it’s like Christmas for this kid


Ari Pyon

So she is turned on to a guy who is always anxious and wants him to stay that way. Nice. 😂


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