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what sup bro?

Voldra Thur Vol Rozol

oh the horror! our English literature school syllabus included the lord of the flies(book). (it was later removed due to protests by parents) we were too young at the time, and out of curiosity many of us watched the movie. too depressing for little kids.

Dumrong Saiung

3:42 Perfect Edition Of John Wick


Dat voice

Kitty Collector

wow she is so ungrateful... I feel bad for that dude


Those were the best crossovers than the actual movies 😂😂😂 naw but I loved this tho I was excited like damn this really in the movies? 😂

Margie Demmert

i am the noob

The Puppy Crew

0:16 I’m not ready 1:17 I’m ready

6:40 Brian is going to 100% 100% say GUCCI

Ramses production

Oh no

Nintendoez 24

I though it was going to be with nerf guns

Walker Pedersen


Ryan Azeem

Me : Wow hopefully we'll get new information about what is going on in this movie! Directors: NoMe: What do you me-Directors: No

Kastriot Krasniqi

Gaben pls

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Golden Yinz

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Who is waiting for frozen 2 like here I love it

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Cookie Wolfes

How is ur step mom ur real mom this makes no sense


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0:51 why is Thor Flying ? Thor Can't Fly ? What is this ?

4. GTA 4

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Who’s watching 2018?

Elusive Meme

I heard it sucks so far. :/

LionMan436 Africa

“Well u got everything”Cody “Yep”Starts drivingNow someone doesn’t have everything anymore


Lil Krobz

i call this, ball transfer XD

Red Eye Slayer

It's agent 47

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Clara Quinn

guys in black opps 2 on turbine were the minigun is there is a white board behind it and it says zombies are coming im propaly the first person to know this

___ I3ambi

It was, in fact, better than the angry birds movie... Barely

Hüseyin Akan

Do not play football with dude perfect

Butter2kFly Yt

Where is the new vidd REEEEEEEEE

Yuki Elza



Great video as always!

Ashlyn Buerk

I wanna see Emma become the Dolan Twinsss LIKE THE VID GUYS


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