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om_gamer 1971

this game is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Noragi 123

Then how you send story to us??


codys verse slapped so hard i got turned on

Bryan Del rosario


Mya Roper

Ok earlyier in the video... " I don't like kids." Later in the video " I'm getting a job as a teacher."

Humanity is screwed


Sponsored by Cartoon Network, but Nick gives them a show.

꧁άĻίşşά ģάмέ꧂



The fact that you don't have 1 mill subs after all the hard work and dedication you put in your videos really piss me off. Love you Guru.


WHO IS BALL 0:10 0:11


I just want to let u know, that u have the best descriptions on your videos. It's perfect

Troy Dressler

I like your vids but you should do more videos and stereotypes more often

Denzel Mutonono

whats the song at 2:34

Thrash Bass

Got Pokémon sword and shield some compatibility with Pokémon lets go eevee or Pikachu? Can we Transfer Pokémon ir something?

King Bacon

OK in the Easter egg at the rig I think it's a reference to tremors the movie

Anaya Miller

I have asthma


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