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With this tutorial on C # lessons, c # arrays are delivered through Visual Studio 2015 lessons.This video in C # series console is presented to you in a variety of c # sequence examples. In this context, Array.Sort () method to sort, single-dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, print array elements with foreach method, delete array elements with Array.Clear () method, array size learning with length method, Array.Reverse () ) And IndexOf () and LastIndexOf () methods. In short, everything related to the series in this training is explained.In this online training package, c # lessons, c # console lessons, visual studio lessons are explained.Programming Fundamentals training is done through Microsoft Visual Studio c # console lessons. Today, Visual C # software is preferred rather than Visual Basic. In C #, the program is more convenient to learn the language.We only have training for users who have the ability to use the keyboard and mouse, and who will be on the way to coding. Beginners of the coding courses will encounter entertaining content with comprehensive and detailed coding training.First of all, the answer will be searched for the console. C # console classes begin with variables and data types, which are the building blocks of programming. Later on, the subject of variable definition rules is explained and applications are made on the prepared samples to reinforce the subject. Examples include data entry from keyboard and Convert method.The examples of if-else and if else constructs that allow one or more results to be generated depending on a circumstance are long-standing.After inputting the data from the keyboard and the if else else step structure, the c # calculator example will refresh the user's information.Then for loop and for loop algorithms, which allow you to easily do many series of operations, are explained in detail. Some implementations will focus on c # applications that include while loop and while loop instances, which are more practical than for loop. Once these issues, which are the heart of programming, are processed, the switch case structure and switch case usage examples will be presented to the user. The switch case structure will be used to make an agent program. It's a fun topic, and users will encounter random number generation with the random () function, which includes c # gameplay. Today's young people especially focus on the topic of making c # games. There will also be space for arrays to keep the data organized and processed. The subject will be reinforced through detailed and functional examples of C # arrays.After discussing the basic topics, advanced implementations will be introduced in c # classes and c # inheritance.As we all know, automation and control systems are used in all production centers, including factories. Therefore, with c # automation applications, channel viewers will benefit from our online training at the highest level.Those who have successfully completed C # console courses can begin c # form lessons training and shed light on new developments in programming life.These trainings will be very useful for the 10th grade students. C # programming is the main objective of the TeknoTeacher Online Training Platform.For All Training: Subscribe: Facebook Page: the Twitter Page:

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