The most bizarre predator I've seen - YouTube

This video retrospects a guy I talked with online in 2013 who is now in prison, in part for trying to have sex with who he thought to be an underage girl. The police found more on him though...Unlike some of the other people I've dealt with, I think this guy should be highlighted as he was one of the worst predators I've seen so far. I've never talked too much about what he did until now. BE WARNED. GRAPHIC CONTENT.Report a predator:

Kenny: "I can't shoot lightning bolts with it though, need to figure that out"

Jesse Gaming

I did not see you pay for that pizza and did you say that super bowl cake was 1,000$ bro

Alyssa Dabney


So dont assume that shes a slut,thot or shes sad only because she lost the part of her(her hair).

Ernesto Piodos

we're already know who is the panda


0:46 knees weak arms are heavy! Trump: builds a wall to protect the country

Tim Bayne

They had to bleep out bully

Thinking 'bout the world now my mind, no tragic

Syyber Team

What do you use to edit your videos? i guess im independent...much more independent than any of my friends...

Spaced Out

Her- I wanna go to school! Pennywise: Oh goody!!!


I've been watching this


but there wasn't any trick shots.......except for the beard


Last bit fucking hilarious

MrMosa YT

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Ltr Giàu

hay đấy ㅋㅋ

Raoul Bakker

Please make anoter real life shot video.😂😂❤

Lance Hallstrom

Lol Pandas Can Dunk

Potato Potato

I’ve tried to get help but my parents just say “stay positive” I can’t and they won’t believe me when I say that I’m depressed have anxiety and have a eating disorder THEY JUST DONT BELIEVE ME😭😭😭😭

Marina Parra

Keep strong, sister

Don’t lie u know u want that llama

I’m way to old for this movie but I honestly want to watch

Andrea Gonzalez



U mod!!!!!!????

G Atlas

He hates it yet he is it!


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