TypeScript Basics 19 - Generics

Access the full course here: Learn about generics in Typescript and why they are used. Understand the concept of parameterizing types, as well as how to write the generics syntax in TypeScript.Course: TypeScript BasicsLearn about the basics of TypeScript. Understand how types work, how to use arrays and tuples, how to declare classes and interfaces. Understand concepts of type erasure, duck typing, enums, generics and modules. Create a development workflow and configure the TypeScript compiler to your needs. And watch as I build an end-to-end TypeScript application from scratch.


xLuluic editz

I'm to embarrassed to say this but-I think I wanna watch it ;_;

Manny King Money

Every time it's a banger Oh my god how do you do it Polo 😂🔥

Krisnasamy RITHIK


I find them pretty good, might be of interest to some of you :)

mudkip warrior

WAIT I didn't know what to write

Loco Busters

Okay but where the fuck is the helicopter

Shilow Dawn

YSAC had kittens !!!

Has a great life

Mariah_wolfeh Porter Porter

I'm addicted to watching this.

Viperstealth Gaming

Fail. Cant believe so many people voted this thumbs up - The original person was referencing how the people managed to get a plane, not the airport.

stephen Larossa

The Mexican Guy Ricardo Looks Fake It Might Be Real But They just speeded up the video when he shot nbut dude perfect is defenetly real

Joaquin Juarez

Why such horror

Me:so this is how you wanna play...

Brendan Kelly

This is my favorite trick shots video


Wtf I thought she has a psychopath bf who takes pleasure on her pain. This is so childish and unreal. Another made off story? GrrrRrrR


I once had my period for 5 months too, it was hell :(

Mason Peterson

You sang I’m so fancy


not their best

Logan Rodkey

Why was Cory using a goalie lacrosse stick


Caleb Andrew

So. Ool

Ean Fernandez

Why I thought coby won

Hipper Dragon

how johnny turn XD

Multiples Rojas

Hello I Speak spanish hola yo hablo español buen video

Baz L

This shit ain't gon never stop hurting.


I like how they trained him and he was shit.

Marythecat Vlog

My fav

Lafanda Jenkins


Dragen K

no matter what . team coby for life

bxby panda

For a sec I thought he said he’s on thot away


I’m bloody fabulous

Naomi C

I thought it was tic tak toe

Drax: we need to head to the uvula

John Cheatle

It is not grade in Ireland it's class idiot

Noah Kim


Jupidupi Draws

Literally in every video of this channel I see hateful comments. And only hateful comments. Guys. Stop. These are people who share their stories with us. They open up to so many people. And we should respect that. I know it was wrong to bully her but she learned from her mistakes! What do you want to achieve when you call the person telling the story a bitch? Do you think it will make it any better? Do you think hating on her, no, bullying her as well makes it any better? It does not. She knows she did something wrong now let this girl be and let her learn from her mistakes to become a better person. And even if you don’t believe that people deserve a second chance it is not your job to make her receive her “punishment”. But I personally do believe that people should be given a second chance. How can anyone be a better person if you are constantly reminded of the things you did wrong? You are just turning yourself into bullies. And I know a lot of people were really angry when the person telling the story said that she was only cutting for attention. And it was wrong. But I can understand that she didn’t know any better. I can understand that she didn’t want to accept the fact that she bullied someone into depression. I understand what why she did it. But I do not support it at all. See the difference? And as I said before she did learn from her mistake so let that girl learn from them and who knows, maybe she will become a psychologist for people with depression later or help them in other ways?

chris bogle


Laura Gwin

i love ryan tannehill

Abhik Roy

Oh damnit. It actually looks good.

Astrit TO

Actually h.... oh wait i forgot the edits are different

Venom OwlY

I have Plants vs zombies Harden Warfare

Jimena Cepeda

Asher I’m so proud of you God damn.

He’s allergic to big moments.

Xplayz Gaming

lol in #12 those are the main charachers there voices nikoli richtofen and dempsi were is takio

AJ Saul

He got hit in the nuts

Edward Guertin

Do James Develin.

Cenker Bakır

another great video by guru. keep on going man.



Adiel Emilio

4:58 when I have no wifi then fortnite servers come onCar = computer

Krazy Kat

What about shooting arms of the mannequins in Nuk3town? There is an easter egg there!

Jonah Shaw

The people that dislike are jerks there just jeleous that they can't meet dude perfect

Jikooka Retardadinha

Eu amo o Ozuna

Mustabshira Masood

My score was 46

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