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bart hopman

RAGE MOSTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man in the box !!

This is by far one of the most awesome videos on YouTube! Who doesnt love ramen and who doesnt love sumo sized ramen🍜


It hit ten million

Cheese Grinder

Yo Tyler is awesome.

Ryba - CS:GO



does anyone have an explanation of why the creepy ghost in mario?

Onten Walter

OMG I can't wait to watch it


Save the polar bears instead.

Evie's Gacha Life

Wait in the foster home was she sexually abused or something cuz I don't know if it's that or te dad was hurting her? Comfused

Jayden Olivo

I’m mr rage monster I broke my tv on the gauntlet with controller

Vanja Gorenčič

"I wish you were HD." Killed me. XD

MONEEB An Artist

I'm listening it again and again just because of Young Gunna. Guy is a genius.

Your Godfather

We know your name Joseph Allen from Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Nicholas A.


Manon Weller

Les francais où êtes vous ?? 🤣🇨🇵✋🇨🇵💬


Congrats on number 32 on trending!!

John Lemon

Isnt the 6:28 ball the same ball from monsters inc? I think you can find it at boo`s room

R Odedra

wats the song at the end called

Tanya s' life

OMG the main character is so pretty


Jak and Daxter from `Jak and Dexter` ;D


5:24 I almost expected an Easter egg reference to Journey

Iz Meh Marlisa


that one roach in yo kitchen

tbh, i hate the narrator and rebecca. who bullies their own “friend”, and than says she’s seeking attention when she’s cutting her own arm-

Gamer STO

For paddle up, I fought it was going to me a mirror because the buildings somewhat look like buildings seen in mirrors edge (Don't know why) but when I saw dickbutt, I just laughed my head off



ismoboy 77

Nice guys

Vadim Bobrov

do airsoft trikcshots

Chimer's Corner

Where do you see this? I thought it was after

Peach T

What do C3PO doing here?or its meybe iron man idk man

Ten bill man Ten bill man

Whose watching this in 2019

Eloy Franchella

That last one XD

Comments Section: JEFF!!

Ya boi chris

Theres also a jaws reference somewhere along the river near deathclaw island

Ash R.

Like= team bobby

band obsessed

"thats Wade's mask." Kiedy jej powiedziałam, jej mina i łzy spływające z jej oczu były jak nóż prosto w serce. Jestem taką okropną córką. Ale szybko przyciągnęła mnie blisko i uspokoiła mnie słowami, które nie sądziłam, że wypowie. Powiedziała, że wszystko będzie dobrze i razem przez to przejdziemy. Nasze trójka.


My name is Dalton apparently I'm on dp

Walker Riley

Answer: No. It is not. We evolved to eat meat. Eating meat (protein) is what helped increase our intelligence.

Overwatch Maniac

Giant omelette


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Nested Menu