C++Now 2019: Mateusz Pusz “Implementing Physical Units Library for C++” - YouTube

Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: talk will present the current state of my work on designing and implementing Physical Units Library for C++. I will present all the challenges, design tradeoffs, and potential solutions to those problems. During the lecture, we will also see how new C++20 features help to make the library interface easier to use, maintain, and extend. Among others, we will see how we can benefit from class types provided as non-type template parameters, how new class template argument deduction rules simplify the interfaces and the full power of using concepts to constrain template types.— Mateusz PuszEpam Systems | Train ITChief Software Engineer | C++ TrainerGdansk, Pomeranian District, PolandSoftware architect, chief developer, and security champion with more than 14 years of experience in designing, writing and maintaining C++ code for fun and living. C++ consultant, trainer, and evangelist focused on Modern C++. His main areas of interest and expertise are code performance, low latency, stability, and security.Mateusz worked at Intel for 13 years and now he leads C++ Community at EPAM Systems. He is also a founder of Train IT that provides C++ trainings to corporations. Mateusz is an active voting member of the ISO C++ Committee (WG21) where, together with the best C++ experts in the world, he shapes the next official version of the C++ language. He is also a member of WG21 Study Group 14 (SG14) responsible for driving performance and low latency subjects in the Committee. In 2013 Mateusz won “Bench Games 2013” – worldwide competition in the C++ language knowledge.—Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films:

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