Deep Copying vs Shallow Copying

When trying to create copies of the values inside variables in JavaScript it is very important that you understand the difference between passing by value and passing by reference.This video talks about the differences between deep and shallow copies and how you can force a deep copy.If you are working with NodeJS keep in mind that the JSON method is the only native one currently available.Code GIST:

Michael Breeden

God Bless Them These Kids Had A Hard Time Through-out  Their life And They Actually Care That's Fantastic


Kiwi, is tired of yee.

3:00 - 3:06 Thank you, that woke me up from a long seeming endless string of blame towards myself.


i miss the old Dude Perfect videos

Musu Lmane

❤❤❤❤ you can do it ✌✌❤❤

... And really a kid when you are 18 really? No no never....

Don Killuminati 1996


Snake: gets dirty and gets dirty

Ярослав Бадалей

Еее boy )


Guess no one hasn't found it.


Dr Goodhead 'bout to give Bond some goodhead.


I remember when i was in 3rd grade, there was a couple of boys in their 6th grade bullied me.. and i'm gonna tell you guys. So one day in my school, i was walking around try to find my friend. But then al of the sudden, a group of boys that are older than me VERBAL BULLYING me! they say "OMG! Y R THEIR A GRANDMA IN THIS SCHOOL!" they call me grandma bc my glasses is to big... they always call me grandma and all the other things... i was so upset... EVERYDAY they always bullied me.. it happened for 2 months before i decide this is enough... so i talk to mom about everything that happend to me... my mom say "I have an advice to you, if you want the bully to stop" and then i replied "Yes!!" And then my mom smile and say "if they call you grandma... then call him a gay grandpa"... i was so confused... 'why would i call him gay?' I thought... but then my sister say "Because if boys bully a girl, that means the boys is weak like a girl bc they only brave in front of the girls but not the boys. It really seems like your being bullied by a gay." Well... that's according to my sister. So tomorrow, i feel so excited cause i have a revenge on the boys. I go to the school and when it's lunch time, i was walking around and YES i found them. I casually walk pass them when one of them call me grandma. Without thinking twice, i said "hello there, gay grandpa. Long time no see" I REALLY SAID THAT WITHOUT LOOKING BACK. I left them speechless. Sooo, bc they break my heart by bullying me, i want to get more revenge. After school, i go to the principal office and told him that i've been bullied and i said it should stop. My principal ask me who's bullying me, so i tell him their name. What i know, that tomorrow, the principal go to their class and call them to the office. And they got suspended for 2 weeks. And from there, no one even dare to bully me ever again.


Poor panada

Henry Eyler

Plz like if still watched in 2019😢

Mahjabin Rashid

I thought his hair colour was black

Neelakshi Manhas

You know I m too skinny that some people make joke of it like you look like a egg with pimples and some says you will get blow off by wind..... But I ignore them all 😊😊😊❤❤

Janki Jinwala

do a soccer tournament

Werewolf Queen

I think the WHOLE Pokémon company forgot in the episode with Ash’s gender-bent she literally says

Lilith Unfair

woah...unrelated but this is the first time i noticed that annotations are actually gone forever now...that's legit sad


Mario Ramirez

Wow I honestly can't believe what I saw it was just amazing

Back to the Future comes to mind

Lucy Moran

Every like equals 1 hope that she’ll get her sister back one day

George Ferreira

Best sentence here......"I got 81 of them". Kobe need to stop playing with me and adopt me😫

The guy later got up, an went to the kiddie pool and followed some little kids. My brother followed him around, and I kept freaking out.


Brody’s yelling was horrible to listen to

Breanna Wheeldon


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