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At CIY.CLUB, children learn to code Games, Apps, Websites, 3D Printing & Designs, Electronics & Robotics. CIY.CLUB is developed in Australia and now has arrived in Malaysia. Sign-up your child today. Contact us at 1700-818182.

Ninja Brotherhood

There is no sound in space because of the lack of oxygen and gravity which manipulates sound


I'd love to see Outback vs Longhorn


Its just a little easter egg. Go to the firefly lab in the location where you find marlenes diary there are three doors just outside of the yellow hut if you go into the last one in the far end their is an eye exam poster that says "RUN YOUR NEARLY THERE DONT QUIT!" Tell me if you find it.

Ban’s_Gacha_ Channel

Lets face it! We wanna see more of Rachel in React! That would be nice!

rainbow_derp3 :D

1 like=1 tree saved


Notice elsa didn't talk during this trailer. That's because she has strep throat for the entirety of the movie.

Spodix Boy

Hey guru kid(lol), for some reason i havemt been gwtting notifications of your videos anymore. So thats probably why you dont hear from me anymore. I used to comment on your vids alot. Also do you play fortnite cuz if so i would like to play with you.

Willis Cool Boys


Kerrie Chmurycz

Hurting in Australia is so much better

Char Hazard

I got struck by lighting on Breath Of the Wild and boy was I lucky that I had my thunder helm on

Horrorcore & More


ayomi starwoods

I love you coby


I'm crying awwww

lilly w

he started tearing up at the end 🥺 it was so genuine

Benson Li

What about the Dead Space movie? That one was pretty good. Like really good.

Adam Finstein

Man do I love your TrickShots.

░▌▒▒▒▒▒▒▀▀▀▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░▒░▒░▒▒ ▌

Peter The Meme Eater

Hey I found a good Easter egg can you show it to people I recorded it on my phone though but you can redo it it's on my channel can you guys like this so he sees it and does it on his channel.

Robyn Newfield

Team cory 1000% he is the coolest one in dude perfect

Ryan Rowell

Chris Brown is still making music? Fuck that fucking idiot and fuck this song. I didn’t mind drake before but since he worked with this POS I’m not sure I really care for his music anymore.

Adi Nasrullah

How about music


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