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Cara Winters

Do a video on lip care! You know your product ingredients so well and lately I’ve been getting horrible dry skin on my lips and around mouth but all I use is EOS lip balm and Laneige lip mask. And I do drink lots of water so I’m not sure if it’s an ingredient in the lip balm / lip mask that’s making me drier? I’ve used both before and never had an issue til now.

Luna WolfMoon

Dude offers her chips, AND SHE STILL SAID NO!

Ms Corvax

😳🤢 😡😠all this is sad and wrong. Those poor kids having undergone such a messed up abusive family. I don't care who the adults are doing but they are not worthy of being parents.

Saucy Soysauce

This is fake

manha omg omg

i love you guys but i am a maldivian that is a truth


why did you and your cousin not call the police already and why dud he kill her

Emerson Guzman Reyes

No le des a "Más información" o "Leer Más"

Guilherme Frascati

Wow! This is amazing! This action its so beautiful! Simply amazes me !



grimreaper gaming

4:47 RKO out of rage

Rebeca Matos

Well, it would be weird if you had gotten orphan over 5 days.

EY Films

2018 anyone?


I don't get the ed Edd and eddy one wot iz it

Evelyn da gymnast!!!

you should do red carpet stereo typeslike someone can be walking in front of someone trying to take a picture multiple times, and then rage monster comes in. and other stuff too


that panda tackle a penis


colab with kian and jc

Mmm . . . Maybe it’s bad for you if you have to limit your consumption to only once or twice a week according to your own video. But I guess you’re trying to offend the least amount of people as possible.

Bottle flip 23

Ty is the best

Jack Sharvin

Aren't you going to say something about the staring librarian in the background of the kid reading the book citizens?

Alvin Lidgren

very good video SO COOL


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