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FortNite - IQ 250



@skippy9191 yeah i know all of them but i didnt want to put them in because my sony vegas is messed up and a 6 minute video is 1.5 GB.


No sound in space sound needs ocigen and there is no ocigen in space

Tater Nuts99

Tyler but I hope 🐼 pulls through!


Why wouldn’t we include Coby’s first win ever

Solange Lazaro

i want the legend in portugue, because i live in Brazil

kenneth macapugay

What if there's a mission where you have to kill Johnny Silverhand?

Adam Haukaas

For the all sports golf battle team I will be on is team Coby

Rayyan Qaisar

Anybody 2019?

Habibah Rosdi

Wait, is her mom wears hijab?

PaleHorse30 00

this is a easter egg


Where do you get all of your Easter eggs from, do you have other people find them or you??

So - getting treatment not only impedes normally functioning of your working life, but it also affects your potential for future employment sometimes. If you aren't well off enough to pay for treatment outright, then you can accrue massive debt (since you're probably not able to hold down full-time employment with regular hours - unless you have a very generous employer). It can affect your access to unbiased medical care in the future. Even with a diagnosis, you can't access care without letting things get so bad that you need hospitalization. It's no wonder that so many people with severe mental illness end up poor and homeless with no support systems. Turns out when it comes to mental health, you have to be lucky enough to be born healthy, or wealthy enough to pay to get better.

Daniel Dugger

Ok, now this is rarted .

dakota palmer

MY FAVORITE thing about dude perfect is that they are kid friendly but do gronup things but im 10 and i fish

Rishi Malhotra

3:45 natural rage monster

Jane Foster

Round one what is tyesinging isthe song fancy!


does anyone remember ALIAS the TV Show ?? Guru, can you do a easter egg thing for that ?

Дюха и Вован


Ruffian By Nature


Gacha Mia

This made me cry sooo much 😪

Homested Mechanic

Also one time I saw a Hillary 2016 and an American flag under it the person must have been indecisive

Official Rakai

I had to watch this twice. Damn RIP Nip

Zaynpoopinhispants Syed

I love the one that you put the lemon in theblender

TAA Owen Potter

Panda on that jet ski tho

Glenn Freo

Title: "I thought girls couldn't fight boys"


Are you sure you didn't lose weight by hammering weight scalers?

Thundershmuck Productions

You guys should blow up gasoline.

Giselle poopinsmirf

Like a move it was split

1 - up

i started crying of how beautiful this story was, thank you for the emotions!

XXX Crash3r

It dident pop cause it hit his shirt it happens alot get a new match of this

Sam Smiles

Can we take a moment to talk about Ty and his usage seatbelt that made me cringe the whole vid

Ihya TheSummerGirl

I know that everyone know this but I have no idea what to comment but I want to comment sooo...


My question is: why do you yell so much in your videos? Is it for attention? Huh, is that it? Tell me PewDiePie, is that why?


Eva from Wall-e? Wow...

Nico Tentoni

What motorcycle ride Panda?

Night Guardian

Dude perfect has to do a dunk contest battle! It would be lit!

GouriandBhadra AmmuandChinnu



Living On A Prayer is Bon Jovi not Journey. Not mad. Just sayin'.


This video is bad but all the other videos are amazing and I love this youtube channel

Vikram Mishra

Like if team Tyler

FunwithGuru: Is this asmr?

Human L

2:06 put captions on you will see b$tch


Let's guess how long that took to convense them to let them have the whole store but your thought of how many hours

Sam King


Jordan Power

Awesome game


Nested Menu