मन की बात || MAN KI BAAT || Transformational Speaker 🔥🔥 Anurag Rishi

An Inspirational Video by Anurag Rishi. Who is a Transformational & Motivational Speaker, Human Potential Trainer and a Life Coach. He is working in the field of Personal Development since 2007. Videos and live sessions of Mr. Anurag Rishi are empowering Lakhs of people. Become a part of his Mission of Empowering people, which he does by realising their true Potential and Programming their minds for Success. Every year Anurag addresses thousand of people from all walks of life - whether private or public sector, NGOs , Small and medium Entrepreneurs, Professionals, School & College students, Teachers, Doctors and many more. His Inspirational videos are keenly watched in 22 countries worldwide through YouTube. Mr. Anurag Rishi Conducts seminars and workshops on Goal Setting, Structured life style, Public Speaking, Financial & Emotional success, Communication & Relationship skills, Leadership quality, Time Management and pressure handling skill. He firmly believes that-"Success depends more on attitude rather than talent".Connect to Anurag Rishi on Social Media by clicking the links below:-CONNECT with Anurag Rishi=======================================­► CONNECT WITH ANURAG RISHI ON YOUTUBE :- CONNECT ON FACEBOOK :- fb.me/anuragrishipage► FOLLOW ON LINKEDIN :- linkedin.com/in/anuragrishi/► CONNECT ON INSTAGRAM :- WEBSITE OF ANURAG RISHI :- Buy PROGRESSIVE PLANNER :- out Some of My Best Videos - Links are listed below■ Selling Secrets by Anurag Rishi || Sales Training Motivation● उजड़ जाओ || आप भी उजड़ना चाहोगे ये वीडियो देख कर● Goal Setting 2018 || New Year Resolutions 2018● Brand बन जाओ या Band बजवाओ ● Do Your Best and Prepare For The Worst● Law of Gratitude● GOAL SETTING Motivation || Video in Hindi by Anurag Rishi● A Failure Disease || Excusitis || A Motivational Video● Kya आपकी LIFE में challenges है ? || Inspirational Video● Impossible is Nothing || Most Powerful Motivational● | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE

Amelia Hecht

Do some trick shots with Roger Federer


That thing at 2:05...i think thats a word just with the contrast way out of wack...if someone adjusts that....maybe...i dont know though...

alisha D

you showed my comment!!!


I liked my own comment

Killer_ Gamer

hey, where is banda guys ??

Anže Špegelj

Jes he vas

Hyper Blades

Wait why at 00:51 barbarian hold his breath? To yell longer or something?

Christopher Ellis

Pkay, so I am avoidant, fir now, probably because I wasted so much time in relationships that were either bordering on deadly or simply pointless. ☆

Mrtremble _

I felt that “the singer “ one

Brandon Tran

3:34 looks like a grenade

Peachy 323

Video: mentions God

Superredman Gaming

That thumbnail makes Mii want to scream and spin around.

Madden Danowitz

2019 anybody

عائشه المازمي

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Ericklolol 2

Im a psycho.

Wyvern Wolfe

Does anyone else think that the squid Easter eggs in the Assinsceed Series is leading up to something big in a future game? (Maybe or maybe not from the same series but a future game by the developers)


I know wen ur sleeping lol


I didn't even know they stopped beefing. this song's amazing.


Isn't this basically skeeball?

Vovikus Maximus

yup he sayed exactly that i can say cuz im russian :D

edit: ;v; I love all of you.


This is like Romeo and Juliet 2.0 😭

Vishal Genius


Sean Quinn

Kobe's a dick

one second ago

21 bounces I think

Broski Entertainment


Carrie Peaters

OK this girl spoiled how do u cry for not having a Phone and why would she need Tinder and Facebook is for old people


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Pavle 240

Imali nas balkanaca




Faye is a thottie

*seinfeld music

Shuster 2007

Dallas Is the best team ever

Paige Davis

Cody's voice sounds like Vikkstar123 a little bit I guess. And I do know who Vikk is.


CupCakePie KJC

Alice madness returns

Bri Hall

ngl its a bop😂

Flightboy skyler


Benny Champ

I live in college Station so I’m a Texas A&M fan

Gabe McFarren

I'm jelly of these peeps

Linda Svantesson

GG esey

Daniel Kaufman

Look how Ty and Faye are blushing at that birthday thing, so cute

STARY Night moon

Is this real

Melanie Bolenbaugh

Cody's going to win the race


Check @skurofficial on instagram

dane dreitlein



I fucking love hallows moving castle

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