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Cordless Drill Restoration VideoIn this video I restored a Dewalt xrp 18v drill that I got from japan recycle shop only 10$. I need to buy new battery 25$ and battery charger 28$. I totally spent 63$ for this project. After the restoration, I used it for a while, it works very well but a little bit heavy for me. It weights 2kg. Cordless Drill Information------------------------------------------------------Dewalt Xrp 18V Model DW988-JP 13mm TYPE 118V 400W DEWALT INDUSTRIAL TOOL CO.BALTIMORE, MD 21286 USAMade in USA606808-00-------------------------------------------------------I hope you find something useful & enjoy from this video!I am happy to receive your feedbacks, advices, suggestions to improve myself. !!! I apologize for the mistake if I have made in this restoration !!! ---------------Thank you so much for Likes & Comments---------------

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