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nay hayman

The channel name is minutevideos but the video is 6 minute and 55 seconds

Lama Keith

I'm in love with her she destroyed them wings

jugga_ _baby

yeaaaaaa, better than fortnite

Night Rocc

Not gonna lie...this looks pretty awesome

Say Hello Harvey

A dominating male character, the only thing different about Bond and Mr Gray is that Bond is better written and less of a cry baby lol

x ExXio x


HH25-205 205

for wheel unfortunate, they should make them take a bath in syrup, for a full day

Mr Benny


Mike Ritter

Great Dumb and Dumber reference by Travis!


And the final

Zion jab Pejoles

Why is there 666k likes

Donay Phillips

lmfao the intro omg 😂

Michelle Soleil

Ug I cant

Bruce Lee

This will be available for pc right because I don’t have Xbox 🤔💀

Zelia Rodrigues


Amal Chamchaoui

"You know my other boyfriend... Its...


great video as always ... keep up the good work bro ;)


Coby You Can Do it!

almin Smajic

On wheel unfortunate u should have "pull a dogs tail"

Goe G.

Wow I'm smiling thinking of happiness.Thank you I will try it out.

Marie Marchment

Hey you are 😡😡😡👺👺🖕y

Imad Afridi

I like Tyler the most

tuna hump

how many hours and trys to get that one shot??


I will never see the Red Rocket Truck Stop as the same thing again

Lil pump:a sports car, Gucci, a Rolex and a tiger

Pug Nation0406

16 times it bounced if you go to play back speed And turn it to 0.25

Silas Smith

Panda is awesome

Otto’s Outdoors

Restaurant stereotypes

Sherry Lovely

I am getting tired for Davy Jones lovely pet named kraken

Joseph Malinowski

thanks tu! im a hockey tailgater

Bennie Oliver

Panda and where is cobey


I am sure she has run away.

Joel John

I love dude perfect !!!

Otherwise, get ready to push them ladders! 

Supa Hot

Being rich is the funnest thing ever 😭

Mihajlo Tomin

Wtf why now ?

Juliana Togonon

Hey Im 8 and my brother is a volleyball player and I love volleyball

? okay ¿

lmao this is so dumb

Mr. Excuses

Awanui Shortland

who’s gonna make some murch

Tyler Bugica

Wait lil gnar can actually rap??

Spike The Phantom Ghost

Hey Jaiden it’s been a while, how’s the airport?

Dennis Itumbi TV

Now We know you name Joseph - From Kenya, Africa.

Lumine Burst

Oooh...that is scary...I feel like this is like me! I always think that I would forget almost everything because I forget a lot! I forget every single moment of my life😣


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