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इस विडियो के बारे मैं आपकी राइ मैं जानना चाहूँगा. "कमैंट्स" मैं आप आपका राइ छोड़ सकते हैं.


wow cool vi


Do tom Brady edition

Michael Togher


Arc Ray

so does the Rookie kill Master Chef? thus ending a franchise that should have ended at REACH?

Arman Malek

gravity pulls objects down 9.8 m/s squared air resistance on the considerably light area would be enough to overcome the weight and pull it up at a certain point. Also accounting for the wind there would be a higher possibility to pull the trick off just off luck then other means like you probably think. What they had a string pulling the ball towards the net?


I would have wanted a remake, but seeing the action based bs in the ff7 remake, rendering the materia system useless, I'd be happier with a remaster

mian faraz


Crystal EYE1307

Do a bowling stereotypes!!


It could be, and stop being so harsh, that proves you're immature. You use cussing and offensive terms to speak, not logic. His reference COULD be correct, you don't know that. There IS a double rainbow in Nuketown from Black Ops 2. Don't be so harsh, and do your research. You have no proof that it is or isn't.


sorry but the bank isn't open

Raihan Bakhshi

I can't wait for this aghhh

Holly Miller

Congrats to garrett

James Richardson

@ 2:11 Also randomly creates new names


방시혁 PD 한국 아미 싫어해얌 ??

diabeteshero smith

I was ten as well when I got diagnosed with type one and I had the same symptoms and my dad thought it was type one diabetes and my dad or family didn't think so

Roche Mahinay

hahahaha what's going on


that cake eating though haha, guru! you mad man!

Dapper Facks

Rett is so bowstring


Fake .

Ellie The Songbird

Is it bad that I thought "Mary" was gonna commit suicide?

Dustin Caldwell

Can we drive those flying cars? Also John Fucking Wick!


Coby woo

Colors his hair dark-brown-ish


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