C Programming - 30 - Function prototype

What is the need of a function prototype in a c program.Visit my blog : my Facebook page : My YouTube channel :

You got it, girl, you got it (Ayy)


6:22 u can see the drone

The Blue Wave

I am so so sorry for your loss. I truly wish you the best

NLE Commie

3:36 1:40 Uuuuh ignore this

Paige Harris

I love these videos!

That's a feminine man voice

FIRpiy 23

3:00-3:10 Down Right Corner

Wyatt Wilson

guru i love u.. what do you have to say?

even snake hate him too lawl

Michelle Giles

Honey you need professional counselling and therapy



she didn't take damage from the damn storm....

Luna Starlight

I don't know but they remind me of Aphmau and Aaron


does anyone remember ALIAS the TV Show ?? Guru, can you do a easter egg thing for that ?

Chelsy Tolentino

I feel bad for her, she had a Miscarriage at the age of ELEVEN

Kayden Bonner

Why dose it damage u not protect you

Bforbomber 9001

5:58 didn’t nigahiga try the same thing but his Mac got crushed by his gold play button


2:24 muselk is in a different spot epic games put it somewhere else


u guys did this in my b-day

Devin Neely

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josh rodriguez

NLE CHOPPA needs to be on here

fran hutinec

O, no he didn't post enything on social media 6:02

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waqas babar baig

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Emelin Wolfe

Awwww how sweet

huh really

You have earned my subscription

souhaib sb


Holy Narwhale87

I knew exactly what that harvest moon thing meant, and i was creeped out from the start.

Playtime With Poppy

Dude perfect!!!


6:11 Most sensible way to get off a motorbike, period.

Jakewake 52

I didn't know of the epic red vs blue Easter eggs....

Reese Senka

That’s a LOT of trust

Dontae Pacheco

What kind of paintball gun do you have


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Ben Donahue

Hila is also a hero for doing almost all the camerawork.

Phan Trash

oh shit awesome


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