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more blizzard games plz :)

Princess Yeva

Ooh yay

Took so long to think of this name

I think this channel is from Thailand, because most of the names in these stories are Thai names. They also have an Asian accent. BTW, I'm also from Thailand. มีคนไทยมั้ย

I'm so terribly sorry for all that you had to go through

Ailee Felixa

Same this happened to me but for 3 months only then one day i fainted before i go to school then my parents rushed me to the hospital then the doctors tell me that i lost so much blood thats why i fainted

Weird Stuff that idk

I like panda the most 🐼🐼🐼🐼😍

mieneer bliekje

Wie komt uit nl of be

the worst time..

Adam’s gaming

Don’t know the sandwich name is but I know it is from subway


I want to be you

Gabriel Laureles-Arias

Too bad Jojo wasn’t there that week, that Hamon would have been very useful

Amir Gelle

I love both Manchesters and arsenal

Krystal Cha

What excally was the meaning of this?🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Monkey Jasmine

3:28 thank me later

(btw , the guy is such a drama-queen. YOU COULD HAVE JUST GONE TO A THERAPIST... )

TurtleLover JJ

Yo man! But, yo-ke man!



Dudu gameplay

Vcs vivem da perfeição ou é sorte

Scynthea Mc'cool

They better bring back the fashion contests and beauty ones ;^;

Joanne Johnson

This made me cry 😭

Mystique Lou

It's a shattering feeling

Madatee Gaming

I don't care if your parents are assholes.



Danielle Dan

Okay... fuck jenna. I won't deal people who just likes to force me to go out, even for a concert of my favorite band... too much.

Shoun David

is Kevin Love's shot in sport science farthest shot?

jaidyn evans

“i was a skinny little child”

Mr Flossy


Boopathi Ramesh

Final one lovely


I sometimes have it twice in one month and not on the next. It just comes early.

me:thx now go die in a hole

Judeann Kelley

Hhhhaaa 🐼

Alan Vinten

How much is the suit?

He covers his face, like what


How to be successful, be born in 1960s-1970s and create something unique BOOM i can buy air pods

Aidan Leffler

im not a hundred percent certain if its an easter egg, but when dart escapes into the school the music that plays sounds a lot like the gremlins theme song, which is appropriate for dart.

Wanda Ferrell

Ty be nice to Panda.please

Tanya Dorn

You can hit a 1 inch stick but not a 12 foot board lol

Tyler Sessler

Finally, a golf video with good quality 😂😂💀💀

Trick shot Brothers




DawnTroll | Trolling mit Dawning!

3:21 What is that for a Plane?

Suvidhi Industries

Your video is cool


Nice edits👌👍


I'm gonna go hug my dog now

JustNoah YT

RIP Legend. You were the goat (Old guy)


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