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Jdnitro 1

Dp vs avengers actors


all that for a video.... YEA MAN

kim with luv

I love the chaoticness of this video 😂

Glamerous well I was ALMOST struck by lightning

Même Master

who else looked for an air plane crushes in dubai ?

conner faircloth

rip for tylers rocket

Bryanna19yaya Mattson


Muthu.B. Shanavas

I was called that . But now I'm fit as fuck and won a mr. Title in junior category and she is like into me now. But I'm ignoring now . I now have someone better.😋

《 O W L 》

finally new video



Henna Hiren

Panda is the best

Brent: send me pics so I can admire your body that you're so ashamed of and let me love you

Crimson Shadows

Hoser gets blitzed

Branjor Aroundtheworld

9:51 wth

Estevan Flores

are you on next gen because i tried looking for some of the outfits your wearing in the clothes store but i couldnt find them because i am in last gen


You added more Easter Eggs in other Easter Egg videos, that flew over my head lol

The Brother just wanted to play Minecraft

Help Meh

Major throwback

Peppachelet Jr

you are The best i was here for 3 years with another accounts you are one of The betters youtuber that a i knew and i can remember when you did The big rat on mirror's edge or when you upload another games and glitches on Gurukid your second channel


Mr. Beast is 21? No way.

X bear

save a poor fish

Mr. ON

I love how the Lightning Bolt scar is shown. With one shot, it just looks like a normal wound. However in the next shot, the camera is angled in a way to show how it looks like a lightning bolt! Brilliant!

Dane Kruskamp

Do Mathew Stafford



kluckk cowington

Dude perfect swimming pool trick shots like skipping a ball through all the lap lanes and backflip basketball shots into the water like if you agree

Lara Waldron

its called minute video yet its 10 minutes

Brothers Perfect



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