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King Fish

again ty did ebery fucking thing

Kaitlin Athanasakis

Idk why but im Team Cory. Catching up on all the stuff I missed

Robert Salinas

Russ somewhere dancing to Uzi rn 😂😂

Wilfredo Gonzalez

Im dead 😂😭

Dylan Campbell

I love dude perfectu are awesome

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cripple master

You just got a subscriber!

Debbie Tucker

6:04 panda exposed!

Brock Carlson

You know, kicking midgets is frowned upon in most cultures.


Empire State Building!!!!!

Anis Athar

At 50 mil panda face reveal plz like if you agree


Endlich wieder was gescheites in den Trends

No this is patrick

Ryan Ridenour

im playing dude perfect right now!

I remember playing the original Resident Evil 2 long ago and being terrified by how few pixels there were on the screen, now it's in HD and it's better than ever! They somehow improved on a classic. All I need now is a remake of 3 & 4, and also a complete reworking of 6 if they have time. I had a blast making this and I really hope you guys enjoy it too!


I Love your voice!!!!

Faded, chewing drugs like Pacman 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵


Glad I didn't waste my time watching the whole snoozefest.

Jonathan Gill

7:05 oh. mah. gah.

Mr React


Fragment Shotz

For those who don't know Clayton did live

Ayden Mcgonigal

Bunny showing personality beyond shyness makes me so happy.

Elizabeth Jones

Soak your blood soaked clothes with Coke overnighting, then wash clothes as normal...

Romy Mi

My story is for 100%the same.😭😭😭😭😭 Me: WTFFF?!??! WHAT AN ASSHOLE?!

10,000 subscribers with no videos

Imagine if people still watched this lol

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My dog loves the bark one hahah


The winners will win

Morgan Dillon

no sound in space.


#YiAYjob She doesn't have a job, she's just a gold digger. Hoes mad.

Margaret Quinn

GURL 17!?!?!


I’m not crying at the end. I swear. I’m not crying because his dad died, my eyes r sweating.

Lovelydarkness Fox

Is it just me you did you hear the voice changer or is it just that my device sucks

Finn 7


Bradyn Bredemann

And also true story I once tried to commit suicide and I tried to kill myself in the OCEAN out of all places!

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Coby -%0

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I'm That Girl

Fantasy Cricket

cool off videos


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