Create your own PHP Router the simplest possible way

Github Repo: used PHP's built-in Web Server in this example but if you are planning to use this with Apache you can use this gist to setup your .htaccess

Karma hit him I guess

ThunderCrash Kids

I love ruffles all dressed they’re delicious

Khalid Hassaan

Aye Run The Jewels!


Second part?

Amber Kookie

It basically just shows her power🤦‍♀️


Just want to say that you got me through some dark days. Thanks guys!

Rainbow PopShart

read again dude I said and I quote "its just not as good as grand theft auto" I think gta is way better its just saints row is more goofy/wacky which is funny compared to the serious vibe of gta


3:12 was not an easter egg they're called merchant chest's there's a bunch of them all over skyrim

Tamim Ahmed

this was not the best video i watched made by u guys but it was really good

Ngaire Swaysland

wow that's shocking. their both March 24

Myles O’Brien

This is classic!

Galaxy Dragon357

Your Drawings Are So Nice!!!

But My Plane Not Explode When i Explore The Island

Luciano and Foreign playz,gacha

Im very sad because my grandmother passed away on my birthday :((

Flaming X


Viktor Ivanov

Who else is here because of Naruto?

Ippiki Õkami

Fun fact easter egg you actually missed, bills town (or some other sunny map) on multiplayer you can hear a clicker in the outside of the map, I noticed it's fairly close too cuz it was clear as a daisy near the church part if I remember correct by the gates out of the church...Mayne naughty dog is planning co-op campaign mode or something involving the monsters too like a tournament mode with them in the maps or something

Shrektastic BigMacstic

This is their least viewed video, and it has 2.8 million views



Matthew Giouvalakis

Me just now 2018 March 7

Beto Perez

Lyrics??? Please

Sasha Minimoore

Owning a cat isn't unfortunate

NG Konochi

So u don’t like kids but yet u wanna be a teacher

Felipe Alexander

Researching pizzagate..

Meep- Moop

They got some sibling relationship vibes coming out

Paul John Joseph Rebancos


Anth& Gab

In watch dogs 2 in marin there is the sword in the stone

Wasay Khan

Back off haters

Benjamin Lagunes

I mean #4

sushi is life 35

Ctrl c fallout 4 ctrl v, chance name to 76

Seyyed Mohammad Ahmadi

Forgot how bad their trickshots were. Anyone here in 2019?

yeetus deletus

2:35 is he half naked there? 🤔

Mr Jaya



Tati have you ever watched Mel Thompson? She is amazing and worth a watch.

Bibi Barrera

Did anyone see smile dog at 6:28 because did

Kaia Brady

Can I like make a group called Girl Perfect?


how so?


1:40 Garret's face do

Khamani Cannon

Seattle Seahawks are my favorite NFL TEAM

Gavin Magness

"I don't want that, Charlie!"

Enzo Silva

I also have asma I have to take something every night

Ivory Nukufit

Frozen just became badass👏🏽👏🏽!!

Aaron Milven

Haha, Panda in the audience

I died.

Zoey Kauffman

I am mr mood switch




u actual gonna be big af one day


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