Lanessa Lobato

I'm so sorry u had to go throw that



But my parents don't believe me..

Lay Yard



this is literally the opposite for me. My friends are complaining about not wanting to go to highschool or wanting to not go to college and i'm over here with decent grades like "HAH! Good luck in the future"

Tammy Foster

she has a big behind

xx_ trilogy

The family guy one was good. That needs to be a thing

Red Rose

the megaladon was mentioned in the bff series by neebs so dice put it in the game


These Easter eggs are kind of lame.

Thanos : hey what are you guys talking about!!!!

Moms are the best they give birth to you and they go through hell while giving birth so shut up No you shut up ITS A FUCKIN JOKE OMG ITS A JOKEEE

sadece KAAN

Nice video Guru. By the way...

Juliana Miranda

21:01 the way Ethan looks at grayson...

Meir Atia

אתם טובים

Mattij Gamer83


Dc3 The boss

It's so big it's easy


Sam b can use sharp weapons, that's like saying Sam b can't use guns he specializes in blunt weapons doesn't mean he has to use them the only difference there is really is the perk tree.

♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞

For a "little" channel,it sure has some of the greatest easter eggs I've seen.Subbed.Keep em up...

Bacon Bandito

Humans are a pathetic species. I will erase them from existence.

killer loop

I guys just can’t cook

Lucas Roberto

eu amo seus videos

Kaneki Ken

its a ending


Winner = Pompey

Sammy Draws

Bish I live in port richey oof

Abil Batman

Film with Spurs next


the kayake shot

Gabriel Yeung

CN Tower

vinny Mervin

build your own rc car

Stav Cohen

I didn’t understand how is that video related to Jaclyn Hill... Tati didn’t mention or imply anything about Jaclyn’s brand or Jaclyn in general...



MM Monson

Both the high to low and low to high

shae elphick

Im mr create a player


cn tower in Toronto

LOL Gacha

U cant marry a two women that is bad

mike trout 20

Anyone in 2019 watching old do vids

dr: hell yeah

Mary ham

Galhi Briganti

James charles entered the chat

Duck0f Doom

He fell into limbo

Thee Doctor10

At 3:01 doesn't is spelled wrong

big scoof1201

The first one was waaayyyy better


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