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Daun Pandan - Kacang Lupa Kulitnya [Lirik] | REGGAE INDONESIA--------------------------------------Kami tidak mengklaim kepemilikan dan mengakui hak penuh atas unggahan di channel youtube ini. Jika ada pihak, Produser, Label, maupun Musisi yang tidak berkenan dengan unggahan kami. Silahkan hubungi kami dan kami akan segera menghapus unggahan tersebut.

Ultimate Memes

Imagine if it was a divorce letter lol

Crimson strawberry

Do trolling vids

Samaksh Bhargava



That Battlefield 1 easter egg really got me since it reminds me of the original video of it in Battlefield 4. The Gears of War one as well.


1:20 maybe that's a way of saying "Ezio was legendary." or "Lenardo da Vinci was awesome."

Tiny Penguin

People who disliked the video were thinking, "Dis l Like"

dark fire weird 3309



just asking, what in your opinion is better, apple or android?

Imsickofyou Ok

I feel like I either feel completely numb, at the top of the world, or at rock bottom. I guess it’s just puberty?


Garret looks like a homeless hippy lol

collins crest

Drew Bree’s the “Bayou Blaster King” my biggest inspiration, I would do anything just to hear him say a few words in public.😂🙏, one day I will meet him it’s on my bucket list.

Angie Apple

why isn’t smoking illegal yet?????

Carter Landrum

Treadmill sprinter 🏃

jacob sudarsan

Take soccerbatlle


Looks fake but still loves these guys


We're all with you Stone.. TMC all the way LLNH. This video was needed.

Taco Ballz

Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

Annie Renner

"to a 17 year old mother, who was only 17 at the time and still in highschool"

Emma Krause

Where the heck are they catching that many sharks BY THE SHORE??


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