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Nazia Wali

Stop trying to be coolDABBERS only double DABS are allowed

michael anthony hilario

Will gonna miss your videos including some Easter eggs from video games and movies :-( My 1st time to watch your videos back in 2014 is scary Easter eggs. I turly enjoy it when I played the game. Well good bye and enjoy your life :-(

Joy Cha

@1:16 kristoff saved Anna but left Elsa it seems?

trace brinkman


Ashton Badura

They used every sport except for golf


Love your videos keep them up :)

Aaron K

nice flip . . .




Oh ma gash she sounds like a anime girl

AHMED rahimi

whats the name of the rap song on the beginning of the video?:)

Martin Castro

yo soy Mexicano y no entendí ni un chicle xD

Nuke Incoming

4:12-4:54 close your eyes and just listen to it out of context

incognito Boys

Garrett Garrett Garrett

Goats and Poptarts

You should do a face reveal

Tim McBride

Great Minisode! You deserve so many more subs!

Red, somewhere: ...

The phantom kid 44

now me and the boys can reunite and watch frozen


Im Mad at myself now

Joey Christensen

i loved that sweat shirt

Orenko HD

Why Don't we just Nuke them in one area?

Rocco and Ethan Productions

You should do a video with juju smith shuster


that ending though


someone give paul a hug and love

Ilse Rooijackers

I like to share my story

GD SliwkaHAX Official

My GF made me depressed... (she is so damn annyoing)

Grape Tatami

This should've been their korean comeback


Sonic the hedgehog was next to qbert

rpnikom zt

That's Serbia girl🙃🙃🙃🙃

Walid وليد

Hi is it fake


I woulda bashed all 3

Big Guy Bill Hey

"Put a ball in my hand!"

Mike, Mary, Grace, and Hope Hurd

Twenty One Pilots!

Tyson Hardiman



Aarya Kamble

I'm in 9th grade but I still wanna watch this movie

Oumou Camara

like the video for adidas

Anas Mereb

Fill a tire with heilium

Joel Roman

All y’all did was order water


good stuff man, i was guessing when the Duke Nukem forever Inception one was coming

Efren Lopez

is it racist to make the black guy the chatter box??

Camden Hauze

Ty won I can promise you

Millie Lach

Ohh no


Best Channel


FunWithGuru do destiny is coming out in sep.09.14

Elon, u ok bro?


Ungrateful prick!

Amanda Roblox elskern

Who else is hungry now?


Nested Menu