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As a girl I can tell you your voice is very charming and calming. Do whatever makes you comfortable tho, don't feel obligated to talk if you don't want to

mason corbett

those buttons on rage looked like these things ive seen on quake

Lokesh Maurya

Why always campers win the match? And why didnt u shoot it!?

Poly LunChan

Hello there

Ms Tree

One like for all the good moms and dads out there

People destroying the flowers: we want to be one with the flowers

SkyrushYes MindEraserNo

1:31 Brock Lesnar F5

Justin Esller

Tae with my SugaKookie

It’s ok I had the same experience ur not alone😭😭😔

Synx_ Fg


Donnie Baynard

Always been a cerrone fan, tonight Ferguson earned another lifetime fan.


I can't believe i missed all of those easter eggs lol

Eric Grana

Hi watch our videos on trick shots

Lord Malice

Not going to lie Philly d kind of spoil the ending for me but I was actually hoping for Jack in the box as the surprise twist

Popin Eryday

I can’t even feel pity for you. Honestly, some of these videos are just people asking for trouble.

Julie I AM

Has anyone looked at the gallbladder and it's functions according to Chinese medicine. I'm reading this'-news/eastern-currents-news/2017/05/01/a-curious-organ---the-gallbladder and getting acupuncture as well as useing cbd oil with tumeric and Her mom:

momo a


mark denber orane


Marie's world


Andres camilo Tous arcia

Great video praise the sun


Why is this accurate


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 congrats!!!

I am Аrmy, but I really liked it💜

XxReyes KingxX

That looks sooo fun


his name is savsge

Elric Melnibone

Those trolls are evil.

nicks world of mystical wonders

Please do a second extreme weather golf battle

Jesse Law

gimme pizza! p I z z a! I want pizza!

Morning Sports

NICE!! That was awesome

khushboo sinha

haha pagal kutta budha


Is it just me of are these people that    

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